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Wakhi dubbed animated movie, “Pilpich”, launched

Release of the Second Wakhi Dubbed Animated Movie “PILPICH” has been announced today. Babirzung was the first Wakhi dubbed animated movie launched by a group of amateur animation artists working for “The Wakhi Studio”. The new movie promises better sound quality, background music, new actors and actresses and a great family...

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Hunza disaster: critique and lessons learned

by Azam Beg Tajik As Attabad is the direct hit area it bore the main brunt resulting in loss of life, property, farm lands, orchards and livestock and causing displacement of the population of the affected area. The massive landslide blocked Hunza River completely. As a result, the geographically largest...

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Gilgit – Baltistan government announces boycott of Shandur Polo Festival

PT Report Islamabad, June 27: The government of Gilgit – Baltistan has decided to abstain from participating in the internationally acclaimed Shandur Polo Festival, scheduled to be held on 7-9 July. The GB government has condemned Khyber – Pukhtunkhwa for monopolizing affairs of the polo festival. “Shandur is a historical...

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