‘Tentative’ schedule of Nawaz Sharif’s visit of Gilgit – Baltistan announced

By Ali Ahmed

Gilgit, October 29: According to a letter sent by Hafiz Hafeez ur Rehman, president of PML (N) Gilgit – Baltistan, former prime minister of Pakistan, Mian Nawaz Sharif, would be visiting different parts of the region from 2nd to 4th November.

According to the ‘tentative’ schedule, Nawz would arrive in Gilgit on 2nd November and hold a meeting with party members. He would also address a procession at Ghari Bagh. He will also visit Hunza on first day of his visit. Exact place of visit in Hunza has not been mentioned.

Nawz would have a very busy second day, traveling between Ghizar (Gahkuch), Diamir (Chilas) and Astore districts to mobilize support for the party candidates. He would spend the night in Astore, at a rest house.

On third and final day of his political tour the former prime minister of Pakistan would visit and address rallies in Skardu and Ghangche districts of Baltistan.

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  1. salam the great people of gilgit baltistan.
    first of all i want to add one political quotation”there is no perminent friends and no parminant enemys in politics”
    so what i want to say is that this all is political game from the political beware from these curpted leader.just see the current satuation of pakistan and what is role of leader.
    my prayer are with you

  2. Hunzokoz. the 100% litreate people over all the globe they know who is our futre leader be honestly condemed the Nawaz party

  3. Welcome Mr. Nawaz Sharif but the people of Hunza love Musharaf and NAwaz is the enemy of Musharaf.

  4. Gilgiti topi pehn ke logon ko jazbati or bewaqoof nahi bana saktey yaar nawaz sharif, ab log siyande ho gaye he!

  5. after BBs death nawz Sharif is the only leader of the nation,dont forget the current satuation PML(N) is going to rule this Contry. PLM(N) is the party whome can address the issues.She can only give us Additionl seat.So well Come Leader of the nation in Hunza. WHO had experience with MQM just go through to it , we dont need bori and kelashankov culture .JUST VOTE FOR PML(N) OR PPPP.

  6. In the past when there was no any name of GB why u dont come then to solve prob of the local peop
    U Had bein two tenure PM of Pak, why then u didnt pay a single visit to this far flung area.. ahhhh Selfish and Self Interested person u r……..Dont go to HUNZA to produce dirt there THAT IS NOW THE PLACE OF INTELECTUALS….. nat waderas like u……

  7. Very well written Shah Ravian!

    @ Ali, he may be ruling Pakistan in near future, he has ruled twice in past. But he’s not welcomed, a religious fundamentalist with cleaned shave is not welcomed in GB.

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