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Preparations for Black Day on January 4 picking up

PT Report Karachi, December 31: The people of Gojal Valley across Pakistan are preparing to observe January 4, 2011 as a Black Day. This day is being observed to to record protest and dissatisfaction over pace of the work related to drainage of the dammed river and delays in rehabilitation of...

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First snowfall in the dammed Gojal Valley

The turquoise lake that haunted the people of Gojal Valley for one year has changed colors, turning white, but this symbolic change is least likely to bring any peace for the people hit by the Gojal Lake. Image: Aslam Shah Gojali

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Role of volunteer organization in the development of Shimshal

By Ghulam Mussa Shimshali A socio-economic survey conducted in GB makes it evident that there is no community based health center existing in Gojal valley. However, community based schools are operated by some local community organizations. It refers to institutional instability, lack of struggle for common development and trend of...

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[OBITUARY] Mubarak Shah of Reshit Chipursan Passes away

By Javed Iqbal Reshit Gojal:  Village elder and reliogious scholar Qazi Mubarak Shah of Chipursan passed away in Reshit on Sunday. He was 85. The late Mubarak Shah was a social worker and he also served   as Mukhi of Resht Jamat Khana in Chipursan. As a senior he actively contributed to...

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