Selig Harrison apologizes for using the term "soldiers" for Chinese working in Gilgit – Baltistan


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Islamabad, February 4: “I made the mistake of using the term soldiers for the Chinese forces working in Gilgit – Baltistan”. This was stated by a shadowy American writer who stirred a controversy last year by saying that there were 11,000 soldiers of the Peoples’ Liberation Army in Gilgit – Baltistan.

“Thousands of PLA forces of different kinds” is the new phrase coined by the renowned journalist, who was known for his journalistic credibility.

“It was a mistake to use the word soldiers and I apologize”, Selig admitted.

He made the statement while talking at a ‘seminar’. It is pertinent to note that the false propaganda initiated by the New York Times article created serious doubts about intentions of the writer, because the local people could not see the 11,000 soldiers imagined by Selig Harrison.

Selig had also written in his article that the tunnels constructed on the Karakoram Highway as protection against debris flow and landslides are to be used for ‘storing missiles’. He refrained from commenting on this part of his article during a recent seminar held in Washington.

Harrison also did not comment on his disputed claim that there is a “simmering rebellion” under-way in the Gilgit – Baltistan region. The nationalist forces working on the ground in GB lament the lack of interest from local people in their political vision and agenda.

This trend may be confirmed  by the fact that nationalist forces were unable to get anything out of the last GBLA elections, despite of fielding several candidates from various constituencies.

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