Ghizar Election may be delayed, yet again!

Asim Iqbal 

Gilgit, March 27: In spite of a court order for holding by-election in Ghizer on 30 March, Gilgit Baltistan cabinet member yesterday hinted that the by-election my once again be postponed till 30 April.

In an interview, minister for education Ali Madad Sher , quoting Chief Election Comissioner and district admistration Ghizer, said, “the arrangments for election are incomplete therefore it is difficult to hold election on 30 March.

“It will be better for candidates if polls are postponed because by this they will get more time for compaign”he added.

Answering a question regarding the government employees who are taking part in election compaign of different political parties he said all those govt emloyees would be dismissed who were involved in political activities.

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