Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Bright future, with good education

Israr Ahmad 

Just look around, the whole land escape of GB gives a gloomy picture of state of education where children either have zero facilities available for getting education, and if available then the environment does not appear so conducive to get education.

The system of exploitation has drawn a thick line b/w the haves and the have nots.

The poor children have no access to quality education. Also they are not lucky enough to find the continuity in their education.

This is so because most public sector schools have been rendered useless as a result of mismanagement, inadequate means of training and lack of motivation for teaching.

Above all the phenomenons of ghost and quasi educated teachers have played havoc with society of GB.

Owing to the indifferent attitude of successive governments to the cause of education a large chunk of population has been rendered illiterate. The situation is becoming worse day by day.

Society is fast converting into an illiterate mob where the uneducated populace surpasses the educated segment very rapidly..

If this decline is not checked immediately, things will get out of hand. The Government must stop beating drum about its fake success & instead take serious steps to promote education by eliminating ghost teacher’s and ghost schools.

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