December  31st Again

Lt Col(R) Muhammad Ijaz Khattak

By the time this article catches eyes of the readers, it will be the first day of the first month of the year 2015 for the Glob but for Pakistan, the calendar should mark 18 days, 4 months and 67 years. While looking at the figures at a glance, it does not seem to be a big deal in the history of nations of the world. But did we Pakistanis succeed in making a nation, true to its definition? For the definition of a nation, I could google, confuse myself as well as confuse the readers but it would be unfair. I shall leave this issue with the readers to dig down the true definition which may be close to their hearts and appealing to their minds. Till date, numerous Thinkers and Philosophers have defined the word “Nation” according to their respective thoughts and philosophy in their own words. Why however, should I for one be searching or scratching my head for the definition of nation.

The most cogent reason with me is that who else can define the word “Nation” better than a Pakistani common man. No thinker or a Philosopher of the world can define and put the word practically in front of all the nations of the world better than a common man on the street of Pakistan. When and how? Wait please and hold your horses, surely you get the answer. Celebrating Eid ul Fitr on more than one day across the country, being divided on varied sectarian plate forms, different races, cast and creed, tribes, variety of places of worship, ethnically diversified, politically Jyallas, Matwalas or “Eswala and Oswala” etc. But, actually we all are “NIRALAS” when it comes to a CRICKET match and that too when Pakistani team is playing against Indian team. Not alone Pakistani cricket team but all Pakistanis are involved in the match by emotions, sentiments, excitement as well by their gestures, sitting miles away from the play field. Can there be a better definition of people living on a piece of land, and having a common interest which is paramount for the definition of the word “NATION”. The nation’s heart throbs with each and every ball in play. If the match is won by the Pakistani team, the whole nation is jubilant and on the contrary, if the same team loses, the whole nation is filled in with sorrows and mourning.

Now! Are we people one nation only on the thrilling occasion of a cricket match? If so, what a priority holds this nation. Can any one of us guess that after the Father of the Nation’s era, who political leader could give a meaningful word of Nation and collected this talented mob of people, explored and exploited their potentials, steer them in the right direction to become a proud Pakistani nation. Did someone ever take the pain to think that the rulers can only rule nations-state and not just the piece of land, defined by geographical boundaries. If Pakistanis are steerable and driven by cricketers, why a leader worth his name cannot navigate them towards a right destination? Please refer to the third line of this article and you will be astonished that 5,90,280 hours have passed ever since Pakistan has come into being but over 18,000,00,00 people have yet to make one Nation with a dynamic leader. Let us take the first step today for a better tomorrow and form part of a proud Pakistani nation.

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