Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

PM Abbasi will announce a rejected law today #WeRejectGBOrder2018

By Zakir Hussain Baig

PM Abbassi will formally announce and implement GB order 2018 today at GB assembly. But the order has already been rejected by all the stakeholders including joint opposition, Awami Action Committee and GB Bar Association. Brutal act of using force against the peaceful protesters to repress their voices has added fuel to the fire. Whereas In a situation, where almost the opposition is absent from the assembly sitting how an order ( which has to regulate the fate of GB till another order or a new legislation comes forward) can be imposed. Even any single debate haven’t been made on the order. Why the Hafeez government is in so haste to impose the order? What makes sense to use tear gas and open fires on its own innocent citizens ? Authoritarian PM by curtailing the wishes and basic rights of the people of GB won’t be able to implement any such order. His perpetrator, the so-called CM of GB will face grave consequences in case if the order got implemented. The world has grown-up so much that the forms of government and their way of rule has changed.

In this era of internationalization of law, just an order which itself opposes the Constitution of Pakistan and international Human rights law is no way applicable to a sensitive area like GB. Majority of people have called it a new form of FCR, in which their basic rights have been curtailed .People demand for a set-up where their elected representative shall be more authoritative, where the people could be able to make their decision by their own and not by an alien. GB government should refrain from use of force and must stop it’s atrocity against the peaceful people who are demanding their legal demands.

Those on the elected seats must be more concerned regarding the people of GB than to be more loyal to the people down there in capital. In case if the issue is not taken seriously and demands of the people not met, mayhem !!. Yes, this will create a big mayhem for the region as well as to the state of Pakistan.

This may lead to an undefined movement in whole GB whose results will be faced by every person from Karachi to kashgar.

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