Sons of Mountains

By Maisam Kazim

Dwellers of mountains, the people of exalted hopes and passions, yes, the people of north, the sons of mountains.

Oh! Patriotic people take out snatch out what they have, don’t let them to get theirs due rights.These people are wise enough if get opportunities they can dominate the very spheres of country. No No don’t let them come out of the box, suppress them, detain them through different tactics. Be sure these people cannot grow their wings if someone tries cut them off. Their hopes are as huge as K2 and they slap the impossible to turn it into I-M-possible, so, despair them by crushing their voice of aspiration. Hey! they are flourishing, occupy their land make them inmates in their own land. Impose heavy taxes without making them an integral part of our land they deserve this because they annexed themselves with us without any condition so such atrocities are justified. These words seem as sarcastic, but in reality such injustices are taking place with more educated region of Pakistan in the name of disputed territory that is Gilgit Baltistan.

On 14 August 1947 when Pakistan got independance from British, this news was spreaded to northen regions now Gilgit Baltistan, they came to know that a nascent state is formed in the name of Islam, so Gilgit scout and Local Razakars took their lives in their hands and with the spirit of religious dogmas they revolt against the barbaric Dogra Raj. They overthrew Dogras influence in Gilgit later in Baltistan. After conquering these regions people of Gilgit Baltistan sent their envoy to Governor of Pakistan for its annexation. After few days Northen regions merged with Pakistan but named as disputed teritory. Let me ask a question, is it licit to declare a teritory disputed which got rid from a barbaric ruler by their own efforts? look! what rewards they got in return of their annexation, they constantly ignored uptill now, implimented FCR and locals were  treated brutally (FCR abolished in 1974 in Bhutto’s era). No developmental projects were initiated, no schools no colleges nothing was constructed and this drastically pulled back people of Gilgit Baltistan  in a miserable condition. Even a constable in north behaved like the king of this region. So what! who is responsible for all these deprivations. You or state?

Instead of being neglected for many years the sons of mountains are bestowed by God gifted talents. They have passions for education and today this region is more educated territory than other areas of Pakistan. They are competing everyone next to them. Some heroes of this regions are adorable and well known even at international level some names are ; Hawaldar Lalik jaan martyr (nisha e haider) Hassan Sadpara late ( submitted K2 and Mount Everest without carrying oxygen) Samina Baig who is the only Pakistani girl who submitted Mount Everest , Malika Noor (footballer) Little Karim Legend submitted many peaks and there are thousands more names who made Pakistan proud in different fields.

Dear Gilgit Baltistanis,

As you know, your region has tremendous strategic importance to  whole country, CPEC is one of the mega project which is originating from your areas. Now you need to get advantage of these opportunities and never let any conspiracy to inspire you. Hey! you know what? different foreign agencies are working to destabilize the law and order situation of this region and want to demolish this project. Mutiny is setting through different ways. Brothers you need not to stray your path in the hands of others. Root out injustices through education, make your voice louder through your actions, don’t pay heed to any discriminatory arguments and never let go what is yours, do your best and tell the world, “we are not a disputed territory, we are the 5th province of Pakistan, and we are and will remain an integral part of Pakistan.”. We are the people of peace and love, and we are the sons of mountains, who love education.

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