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The Epoch-Making 9th Rabi-ul-Awal

Dr Abdul Jaleel 

Fourteen Hundred and fifty years back when mankind groped in the wilderness of insecurity, immorality and illiteracy, the weak and destitute were denied to live honourably and they surrendered their freedom to mighty. When shackles of slavery and bondage were tightened around the necks of poor and weak, when people were ardent enemies of each other where life, property and honour were plundered with impunity. Daughters born in a house were considered a curse befallen on them and were buried alive. Idolatry was rampant; each house had their own idol for worship. Fornication was at the peak. Women folk were regarded as an evil, whose only job was to comfort males and were often exchanged as a commodity.

When justice and peace existed nowhere, trade and travel was insecure, trade caravans were looted and the people carrying the caravan were killed. Centuries old enmities inherited by Pagan tribes, as a legacy had swallowed hundreds of their men in the blood feuds and the survivors were taken as slaves for sale.

When the whole society was ridden with enormity and were horror struck, then came the mercy of ALLAH, his prophet, Muhammad (PBUH), who transformed a society at the lowest ebb of morality, character and nobility into a vibrant community ending centuries old blood feuds and uniting them into a cohesive force of brotherhood who disseminated justice, knowledge and awareness on one third of globe in less than a quarter century. The hatred in the bosoms got replaced by love and mutual affection in a society which was obsessed with hostility and it was an impossible task to transform centuries old blood shed into love and affection even if the riches of whole world were spent in this cause. But Allah did it, by making the presence of his prophet, who let loose treasures of love on mankind.

Women were declared as a human being of same kind as men, she has similar emotions and feelings as their males as such deserve respect. Their mutual relationship has made a source of procreation and continuances of human race.

9th Rabiul-Awal 569 AD was the most  auspicious and rejoicing day for the entire mankind when ALLAH  sent down his mercy- Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He was the son of Abdullah and Aminah and grandson of Abdul Mutalib, born in the proximity of the holy house-‘Kabaah’. Many miracles were manifest before his advent. His mother says she was constantly conscious of light within her when she was carrying him in her womb.

As per tradition, he was entrusted with foster parents, Harith and Halima of the desert around Makah, with the arrival of their foster son heralded with lucid and extraordinary signs. Their herds which returned home hungry and with scant milk were now their udders were full of milk. When mounted on Halimah’s weak and emaciated ass, she excelled all other mounts which were left far behind. Halimah who had little milk in her breasts were now full while feeding the babe.

“Attaining the age of maturity reputation of Muhammad (PBUH) had spread far and wide among the Pagan tribes of ‘Arabian Peninnsula as ‘Al- Ameen’ the honest, trust worthy and reliable. He embarked north ward on so many business trips and earned handsome profits. His piety of character, trust worthiness and reliability were sufficient causes to attract ‘Khadijah’ who herself was a renowned business woman of Makkah, who later entered into wed lock with Muhammad (PBUH) when the uncle of prophet-Hamza asked for her hand to Muhammad (PBUH).

Now Muhammad (PBUH) was of forty years age, he spent most of his time in meditation in a cave of mount Hira near Makkah. It was near the end of month of Ramzan that arch angel ‘Gebrail’ reached him in the cave in the form of human being and asked him to “ recite”, the holy prophet said I cannot recite, so the angel embraced the prophet too the limit of his endurance. The angel released him from his embrace and the angel asked him to recite. The answer was like before, he cannot recite.

The angel embraced him third time and said, “read in the name of your ‘Rabb’ (Lord) who created man from a clot of blood. Recite your “Rabb” is most gracious who taught by pen. He taught the man which he knew not”

This was the first revelation of the holy Prophet. Then he came down the slope of ‘Hira’ and heard a voice, ‘O’ Muhammad you are the messenger. The Prophet looked skyward. He saw the arch angel. ‘Gebrail’ filling the whole horizon on reaching the home he asked her wife Khadija to cover him with a cloak and told her what had happened with him. She went straight to her cousin ‘ Warqah’ who was a Christian and well versed with reading scriptures. He said, by him, it is the same angel (Namus)  who had come to Prophet. Moses, if I live I shall help him in the predicament when people will turn against him.

The Quranic revelations sent down in the form of full verse or a portion of a verse on different occasions and times in subsequent twenty three years of holy Prophet’s life. On the day of fare well, pilgrimage the holy Prophet delivered his sermon ‘Jable- Rehmat (Mount of mercy). While stepping down the last verse of Quran was revealed to him ‘This day “I have perfected to you your religion and completed all my bounties unto you and with my good pleasure I chose Islam as your ‘Deen’ (religion)”. After the revelation the faithful’s rejoiced the completion of Din except Abu Bakr who was wailing in a tent, you ought to rejoice at this happiest moment where as you are weeping asked the companions. Abu Bakr said I am the happiest. Person to know the religion has been completed but I am afraid of loosing the holy Prophet as he will be called back by ‘ALLAH’ after accomplishment of religion. According to the commentators the Prophet fell sick 80 or 82 days after pilgrimage. He got headache which gradually increased in intensity such an headache was never experienced before.

He went to martyrs of Uhud and said “A slave from amongst the slaves has been offered the choice between this world and which is with him. The slave has chosen which is with him”. Abu Bakr immediately started weeping as he was now sure that death of Prophet is very near. The Prophet pacified Abu Bakr and said you are the most beneficent of all my companions. “If i were to take an inseparable friend from the entire mankind that would be Abu Bakr”. At the next call of prayers the Prophet felt very weak. He told his wives to tell Abu Bakr to lead the congregational prayers. According to commentators Abu Bakr led 18 congregational prayers that are almost four days in the last life period of the Prophet.

On 12th, Rabil-awal 11th Hijra of Islamic calendar, that is 8th June 632 AD Prophet’s fever abated. Helped by companion THoban (RU), Fazal (RU) and Anas (RU) he entered the mosque where congregational prayers were being led by Abu Bakr, sensing the presence of holy prophet Abu Bakr drew back without moving his head. The Prophet stood for a moment, saw the faithful’s offering prayers in extreme reverence, signs of extreme gladness reflected on his holy countenance. Holy Prophet pressed Abu Bakr forward to lead the prayers and he himself offered the prayers on the right side of Abu Bakr. Anas, the freed man of the holy Prophet says that he never saw the countenance of holy Prophet as beautiful as on that day.

There was a great rejoicing among the companions as they saw the Prophet praying in the mosque. Soon he returned to ‘Aisha’s apartment helped by Ali(RU), Abbas (RU), Thowban(RU)  and Fazal (RU) where he was laid on a couch and rested his head in the lap of Aisha (RU), the beloved wife. A little later he lost his consciousness for an hour or so and regained the conscious again and said ‘Death does not take a Prophet away unless he is shown his place in paradise and a choice to live or die is offered to him’.

His last word was ‘O’ ALLAH with the supreme fellowship. His head grew heavier in the lap of ‘Aisha’ (RU) and she laid him on a pillow.

ALLAH had called the holy Prophet unto him. Abu Bakr on hearing the death of the holy Prophet went straight into the apartment –withdrew the cloak from his face and said you are dearer to me than my father and mother, kissed the face of the Prophet reverently saying you have tasted death by ALLAH’s will, by ALLAH, no death shall ever befall you after that.

“Verily ALLAH and his angels send benedictions on the holy Prophet, ‘O’ ye who believe send your benedictions upon the holy Prophet and salute him with a goodly salutation. (Al-Quran).

The contributor is the former Secretary Health & Population Welfare of Gilgit-Baltistan.

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