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YDA Hunza concerned about “symptoms of hepatitis” in children

HUNZA: The Young Doctors Association of Hunza has reported increased cases of children with “jaundice-like” symptoms.

According to a press note, many children coming to OPD at Aliabad City Hospital “have abdominal pain, pale skin, vomiting, nausea and distended abdomen.”

“Upon investigation [the children’s] liver function tests indicate increased levels of ALT and Complete Blood count shows increased number of leukocytes showing that an acute infection of the Liver is going on”, reads the note.

The Young Doctors Association has cautioned that “Acute Hepatitis can be a lethal condition if not investigated and treated properly.”

Many of the children exhibiting such symptoms come from Khanabad village of Shinaki, Lower Hunza.

Death of a nine-year old Recently one death has been reported.

Identifying “poorly processed dietary products and drinking water” as the possible causes of the suspected viral Hepatitis, the YDA-Hunza has demanded “prompt investigation of the water channel in khanabad.”

YDA has also urged the concerned authorities to send a “dietician should to the village to study the food intake”.

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