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Chief Executive requests President of Pakistan to intervene in SDP issue

Hunza, April 29: The Chief Executive Northern Areas, Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan has written a letter to the President, Islamic Republic of Pakistan to intervene in the sost dry port matter to save the Pak-China relationship as well as the huge investment of China.

He writes that some ‘ill-wishers and miscreants’ have illegally and forcefully entered in the Dry Port premises and taken ‘forceable’ possesion of of Dry Port by broking doors and windows of the port.

He has complainted about the behaviour of the local administration saying that they were not following his instructions as Chief Executive, Northern Areasm to oust the protestors. He has also informed president of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan about possible delay in opening of port function due to above situation. 

Click to read the orignal text of the letter:

The new cabinet has also forwarded answers of these allegations to President of Paksitan and requested for help to end exploitation of land owners and shareholders in the end of the family of Chief executive, Northern Areas. 

According to new reports the session court has called both parties to attend court on April, 30. It is also said that the court has cancelled the stay order of new cabinet on the application of the former cabinet.  The border is expected to open on May 01, 2008 therefore both parties have actively started to lobby for their interests.

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  1. Noori & Zulfi! Thanks for provding some blue prints regarding the SRDP Sost, esp. the Chief Executive’s letter to the President of Pakistan. May I address directly Khan Sahab, Mr Ghazanfar Ali?

    Khan Sahab! For God’s sake, please stop the childish bahaviors. You are loosing the trust of the community, you are loosing respect of the community. You are loosing you stance on the SRDP Sost.

    Who had written the letter for you? Who was again your advisor or secretary?

    What you wanted to complain to the President about–and sending courtesy copies (CCs) to the PM and others–is something and what you have written is something. You could be entrapped again, imagine how? A clever advocate can make many points out of your own letter against you. Isn’t it humilating that this letter was issued from your good office?

    I would request all those analytical thinkers to go through the scanned letter written by Khan Sahab to Presdient Musharaf. I won’t like, at ths moment, to come with my points, but rather request you to please come up with the points after a critical analysis of a half page written letter entaling many logical qustions against the previous cabinet led by Khan Sahab.

    I appreciate the new office bearers/cabinet members that they have taken a braod vision within that seems inclusive approach and not exclusive one. Now, the ball is not in the court rather in the hands of Khan Sahab and his family. But with due appologies, Khan Sahab is still having a childish act of complaints.

  2. Mr. Ghazanfar! Musharaf is now empty hand, He can not help himself and/or intervene for his office, how can he will help you? Ask your relatives from Kala Bagh or Chaudaries, whom your wife was intended to hand-over the Dry port. The people of Gojal and especially Wakhi-Tajiks have a very good relationship with China for Centuries. Mr. Ghazanfer, Don’t forget the Past.

  3. noor n zulfi,a request 4m ma plz describe the whole past n present scenario of the SDP…mean 2 say the mishappenings,abt d ill-wishers n miscreants like salim khan in relation vd d SDP..being knowledge gainer i vl b pleased f u…..

  4. Okhir sado buland vita
    Haqe sado buland vita

    Ya Mire koi? Vezire chez?
    Dem vektev koket kahater mir

    Ya spo ekang ta mir re ghel
    Ya spo zhav da mir re ghuv
    Ya spo luqpar ta mir re tan
    Ska spo moch yove slettk vietk
    vodgesh ke spo much youv ce zend
    yame koier qabulle nast

    Okhir sado buland vita
    Okhir sado buland vita
    Haqqe sado buland vita

  5. hello
    it has to happen and it happened but now the new cabinet should not act like the old ones. i am saying this coz the old cabinet has filled their pockets. no one was there to think abt the people who are share holders, land owner, etc

    but plz now it is on the new cabinet’s hand that how they handle this situation.

  6. I don’t understand the letter being CCed to the chief of army staff, conmmander 10th core, force commander et al? What have these gentleman to do with the Dry Port in Sost. Doesn’t it show how people, for their personal gains, drag the army into matters which have nothing to do with them?

  7. Ghazanfar is acting like a child. it is very true. he weeps infront of pakistani establishment people telling them that i have faced this problem or that problem. please help me.
    when will he become a mature political leader? when he will stop acting like this. i think that this letter and his behaviour on sost port issue has exposed his real personality. Ghazanfar is not interested in addressing problems of poor people but he will not miss options to increase his own wealth.
    if there was no financial interest in the sost port why Ghazanfar is taking so much interest in it. why he is not taking equal interest in other matters that people are facing.

  8. Mr Ganzenfar, still you have time to reform youself if you need to make true routes among the people of Hunza specially in Gojal region. Give up behaving and acting like white elephant. Tell your sons apecially to Mr Saleem, reshape himself like a Hunzukutz not a typical choudary from Punjab if want to sustain among them. Give ful rights to people of their resources. Dont try to grab or convert them in to a family business as you done in the past of peoples assets like SDP and Baltit Fort. Let the people to benefit and dont try to direct the income generating ways towards your home as you done in your home town of Karimabad, Hunza by installing all cellular companys towers at your own land. Is there was no space for these companys to install their towers other than your land?

    Time is not gone yet…start the real service to the people if you want to survive in their hearts.

  9. Ha Mr. So called Mir. all these are the people who have supported you and today you are at this place. now they are ill-wisher and miscreants. you are slave in the hand of your wife and son and they are playing with you as a toy. you are nothing any more. just i go through your none sense letter to Mushahraf who has given you so called power. now you dont have any power either Musharaf’s or they people of the area.

  10. Dear Zulfiqar & Volunteers,

    We have heard of you quit early but after going through GOJAL .NET, we all Gojalies feel proud of you and your team. Keep it continue with this spirit to present Hunza and particularly Gojal in its true way. No one can dare to you

    Being a Gojali and native of Sost I know the Dry Port project from in and out. We have found your finding and analysis even beyond of our thoughts and imaginations.

    The present situation is moving in the right direction and we strongly believe this will be the long lasting solution of the Dry Port project and ending of one man show……………

    I do urge the youth to come up with your comments on GOJAL .NET, this is the best way to express yourself and harness yourself for future.



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