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Golden Jubilee Art competition concludes in Hunza

Hunza, May 18: The regional level Golden Jubilee art competition was concluded at the premises of Govt. Degree Girls College, Karimabad.  The theme of the competition was “Friends of the Environment”.  Shahzad Ali Shigri, Director of Northern Areas Environmental Protection Agency, was chief guest and Assistant Commissioner Hunza presided over the final ceremony. Besides the participants, a large number of local and regional level leaders and parents of the young artists also participated. 

The event was organized by Aga Khan Planning and Building Service (AKPBS) with the support of Ismaili Tariqah and Religious Education Board (ITREB) and Ismaili Regional Council for Hunza.  

The competition was first organized at Jamat Khana levels and then local council levels. About 42 young artists from the age group of 9-17 years from 7 different local councils of Hunza finally qualified for the regional level competition.  Among these 42 participants, only 3 artists will qualify for national level competition to be held in Lahore.

Muhammad Nabi, chairman ITREB has welcomed the participants and informed about the objectives of the competition. Students of religious center in their speeches highlighted the environmental issues and the importance of built and natural environment.

Zulfiqar Ali Khan, Social Sector Development Manager, KADO, made a detailed presentation on different activities and experiences of KADO regarding Art and Environment. He informed the participants about the KADO’s newly published book “LIFTING THE VEIL ON THE NORTHERN AREAS (MOTIFS AND DESIGN OF EMBROIDERY) and others activities of Hunza Environmental Committee.

Nahida Aziz in her presentation has highlighted different environmental issues in Northern Areas with possible solutions and products from AKPBS. She said that due to climatic changes it is quite possible that the Northern Areas will face food, fuel and feed problems in future.

Shahzad Shigri, Chief Guest has said that, his organization is working to declare Hunza and Nagar as UNERCO’s heritage area.  He said that he is working to ban the use of plastic bags in Northern Areas. He further added that the people of Hunza have full awareness about the importance of environment for sustainable development.

Dr. Khawaja Khan, President Ismaili Council has highlighted the importance of Golden Jubilee events and stressed for the need of symbiotic relationship among organizations for an equitable and sustainable development.  

Suqrat Rana, Assistant Commissioner Hunza has said that the new generation of Hunza is more aware, learned and knowledgeable as compare to others. He stressed the need to make balance in use of natural resources for a balanced and sustainable livelihood.

Qayum Ali Shah, Programme Manager, AKBPS thanked all partners organizations and participants for making the event successful.

Participants receiving art kits from guests

Young artists are painting about environmentA painting piece

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  1. A very good work you have embarked on.I still cherish the time when i used to participate in such kind of creative works which is really a driving force to let the brains work for something constructive.I appreciate the leadership for conducting such kind of creative and innovative activities that is wholly and solely based on the brains to interprete things with new ways and to generate ideas for creativity.Such activities provide the students with the opportunities to explore their talents and these kind of works in the long run would hopefully be in the very interest of the community.
    Aslam Ghalib,Lahore

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