Employees fired from Silk Route Dry Port – Sost, dissent in local communities

by Ghulam Nasir & Nur

Gulmit, May 27: The decision of Pak China Sost Port Company to fire employees from jobs has triggered dissent in local communities across Gojal. According to reports jobs of over half a dozen employees belonging to various villages of Gojal, including Sost, Shishkat, Moorkhoon, Gulmit, Ghulkin and Hussaini have been terminated ‘to reduce operational costs’. Majority of the terminated employees were providing security services at the dry port building, or performed other low scale tasks in other departments.

Sections of the local communities have shown displeasure over termination of these employees’ jobs. President of a village women organization approached Pamir Times to show her organization’s concerns over the situation. “New cabinet of the port trust, despite of lapse of eight months, has not been able to convene a general body meeting or take a decision about dividends to be paid to the shareholders”, she said.


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  1. This is so bad news in this economic crisis. People have some expectation from SDP to earn and get educate their children. They is also lot expectation from new cabinet but in return they have given a bed result. i suggest the cabinet to re-work on this decision and firing low scale employee they should look to fire or reduce the number of director and other high official position and also reduce the cost of other huge ir-relevant expenses against travel and others.

    Please do not play game with those who have struggle for this cabinet.

    Karim -Karachi

  2. This is first gift for the people of the area. we can say this is bonus for the employees. from the new cabinet

  3. Dear All..

    Well Known Said”Changing face can’t make revolution but Face the Change can make revolution..thanx for the Bonus from new Cabinet.Definitely you r on the right way as the ppl of gojal expected from new Cabinet.their are many sleeping position at higher level where the sum of 10 employees pay scale is less then a director pay scale.if you intent to reduce operational cost implement it in the relevant area..we are still hoping from new cabinet to perform their level best..

  4. Gojalis Dears
    When something is opposed on the bases of individual, it is simple bring in alike person that will represent the same old ideology.
    When Mir, observed the responses about his presences at the SDP, he planted a drama of Shahbaz and Eman Shah. Which gave him the change and the formula of divide and rule. Well when this also did not worked, he went to his second plan, of introducing his key non-Mir Hoor Shah.
    The history of Hoor Shah, well according to few people that I have come across, was and is a well known corrupt man, with full support form the Royal Ganzan . Right before the SDP incident HOOr was that second man of Mir form the day of his birth. But suddenly he leaves the Mir and is ready to be found by the lost uneducated Sosth Dry Port management. Gojal with about 80% literacy rate was unable to find one to take care SDP.
    Well believe or not Mir is master mind in planning, a new that Mir has joined or is planning to join the PPPP, while the PML (Q) will be headed by Hoor Shah. What an idea to keep both the side to himself. If to win what ever the part may be but the seat will remain in the house.
    Well secondly Shahbaz has once again joint the SDP, and Hoor shah has started to act, what will happen.
    According to me and my understanding, in situation like this people like Hoor Shah are players used to destroy thing. Hoor Shah will definitely try to go against the will and rule of the SDP and will give pity explanation to each, result downfall of the area.
    On the other hand Mir by joining the PPPP will defiantly win the election and will get a chance to trap the people of the area, an once again becoming the King, and so on and so to go……..
    As for the people the will soon realize that they are the alien in their own home. And will be in much terrible situation. ………………………….

  5. The new cabinet has no clear road map and the capacity to give results; following are the weaknesses and ambiguities which are need to remove.
    1) The Vice chairman had announced in his first interview that the recruitment will be on merit but we now that there is no such example of single appointment of merit basis.
    2) They are not following any recruitment policy and procedures for the appointment.
    3) Presently the directors including chairman who were elected by the majority of the people as Chairman and Directors of the Silk Route Trust but now they are working as employees in Dry Port Company which is totally wrong and unfair.
    4) The management of Trust must separate themselves and they should appoint an educated people for the management of dry port who will responsible to operate the port company,
    5) The new cabinet of Silk Rout Trust should only watch and check the management of port company and work like a watch do for any irregularities,
    6) The Cabinet of Silk Rout Trust should work only on legal issues and documentation.
    7) Those people should not allowed to work in company who were work for only there own interest, for there own benefit and who were hurt this company and given loss to the shareholders and landowners.
    8) If the previous corrupted people will again appoint by new management, then people of the area will against them and behave worse then they behaved with the previous management of Mir.
    9) The new management not yet prepared the financial statements of the port company for year 2008, they should give result as soon as possible.
    10) There is need reduce the salary package of the higher management, and give benefit to rank and file staff, when we see the honorarium of high management and directors then the port looks like a SONEE KIS CHIDYA, so please reduce the salary package or otherwise appoint potential candidates on those positions.
    The new management of Silk Rout Dry port Trust are energetic and young they have mission to serve the area and work for the benefit of the shareholder, landowners and people of the area at large, the people have higher expectations from the new management and I suppose that they will not hurt all of us.

  6. What a nice debate. Regardind SDP. One thing is clear that Mir has no role in SDP and why u are again pulling him in SDP matters. By the way what is the role of Afsar Jan and other Directors. Are they puppet administratoors another thing if some body changes his party it is his personal and his parties decision. so please gave your opinion relating the topic. here the topic is SDP employees.


  7. Please make some corrections as there is no single employee in Silk Route Dry Port Company, all the business operates at Sost Dryport are solely under Pak China Sust Port Company Pvt. Ltd, Which has 60% holding of SINOTRANS (Chinese). So Chairman & Managing Director as well as four Directors out of seven are Chinese having strong control over the operational as well as financial policies being approved & implemented by majority in Board of Directors and top Management. As every one is aware of slow pace in boarder Trade with China through KKH , as a profit earning company, the PCSP top management may had through Cost Benefit Analysis overcome it unwanted( extra) costs in this manner.
    Silk Route Dry Port Trust has no single paid employee until now, so don’t mix up the Trust & Company,
    Yes, Silk Route Dry Port Company exists but also has no single paid employee as well as amazingly no any Bank Account.

    I wish to have chance to bring all thel facts & figures to public since its inception of Trust, incorporation of Silk Rpout Dry Port Comapany and Commencement of Business of Pak China Sust Port Company till date………..

  8. rozdar thx for the detail explaniantion and comments, if we go through with the agreements held b/w both parties the ratio is for 60:40. this is also inculdes the employment, benifits and profit. can we get the same there. becuse you are a key person to get the data. we know you are well qualified, have good accounting and business thinking but here is just we are talking about the ppl who are at low scale and depending only on this earnings. they have some expectation and dreams to earn from here and support there children to get education.
    if there is any cost and benifit anlysis then why chainese can not reduce the number of employees belong to china becuse they are costly for us and them as well. if some one hire locally you can not paid others benifits to him like accomudation etc.

    so we should care of oue ppl not …………………..


  9. Dear Ruzdor
    Thank you very much for the actual situation. Here PT can bring in the whole details. It is little confusing if every aspect is and may be controlled by the Chinese People then how come Salim Khan was able to take 50 million on be half of SDP form the bank, was it done with the signature of the China people or was it just a blame.
    Can PT help us in tis regard by getting into this matter using it sources and get some figures for the public. It will be a great help to the confusing people of the area.

  10. @ Karim
    Thanx for your kind words for me, I was just sharing my professional comments that I think what PCSP management did. What actually should be done is quit revers in my own view. Soon I will share the exact facts and figure with all the stake holder.

    @Thruq Rusth
    Thanx for appreciation, As you mentioned your self the loan is being withdrawn on behalf / by of Silk Route Dryport Trust not by Pak China Sust Port Company Pvt Ltd or SINOTRANS so no question/ need of Chinese consent arise very clear and simple

  11. Mr Thruq Rusth, i would advice you to calm down before saying corrupt to some one… There is no any corrupt person in the current cabinet working with the SDP.. The cabinet is in process of progress towards success and to built and maintain stability within. You are a political hawker, where the politicians do to win the goals. Dont do this here, please dont do with the hearts of people of gojal and hunza who are modest. Dont bring punjabi politics here to degrade or pull one’s leg.

    I know why few people have problem with Mr Hoor Shah, as Director SDP. He belongs to Hunza Valley and represent . Some have got problems ethnically. Please dont do these things here, dont be ethnical. I know Mr, Shah is doing well. He is a committed person not a corrupt. if you are a dedicated person come with a real face for a debate. Dont come on fake profiles.
    Karim madad
    Hunza Lover

  12. 11commentator with 11post@

    when I go through these comments or post, I m trying to laugh some where and with space crying. You all people nobody know the actual may hem under it. I m one of them who played a pioneer role to build SRDP. I could agree at some points of Ruzdor about the technical lop holes of the management but all comments are based on biased. I will request you all dont polticise this organization because it is totally a commercial institution belongs to the basic stake holders. Hoor shah, salim khan , shahbaz khan or others all accidental & selfish “takehoverings”.
    Mr Ruzdor please dont post as the spokesman of Salim khan or shahbaz or on behalf of SRDP. Because you are not employ of SRDP as long. thanks
    Nishat Sakhi

  13. This is very sad news for younger generations who are suffering everywhere around the country and elswhere for a better lives. but where we stand now??? need thing on this similar sentence. SDP SOST DRY PORT it’s question MARK??/ for all the gojali people. SDP is our fixed assests, it’s very nucessry to protect it and give opertunities for our younger generation to earn income and established economical institution through SDP for Educational perposes. we are all know about the suituation of gojal. please please i request to all get together, need peace and unity, unity…. we are Imams Murrid, we are only one family….. this is very sad for us….plz i request come to gether and support to weak/ poor people…



    Thanx loplol for clarifying & elaborating the truth, Me never ever being employee of SRDP, I was paid employee of Pak China Sust Port Company Pvt. Ltd from 2005-2008. And I have just shared my own view on this Bolg as I think is my right to do so. All the mentioned name were bring in the top slot by people like U as you mentioned yourself “I m one of them who played a pioneer role to build SRDP”.

  16. As a nation we hunzukuch have to accept that we cannot work together. look at the mess we have made out of a simple business venture. while we are fighting over petty matter the people of Nagar are making money. Ok take salim, shahbaz, iman shah and hoor shah out of matrix. can you people guarantee that you won’t fight over again? the matter is deeper than what appears. it reflects our mentality where we are ready to blame everyone except oneself. nobody is ready to take blame. when every one in society has mentality of holier than thou, then the logical outcome will be blaming other to assert one’s self rightousness. pity on Hunzukuch, shame on gojalies, damn on shinakies and bravo to Nagarkuch.

  17. Dear Karim Madad
    Well that was nice comment for you, as a lover of Hunza. Well dear problem or not that is not the question, but it the reality that gives you the picture, I hope that your dear Hoor Shah from the sweet Hunza valley,( a different question the definition, which I’m sure that must be restricted to three or four village). Well dear do not lose your temper but give me prove, I mentioned the situation that how perfectly and with technique the Mir people planed the stage to fool the innocent and blind people of the SDP.
    It is a puppet cabinet, and everyone knows it, judgment may be blind but can senses in darkness. Time has changed my Hunza lover, corrupt people cannot hide their act through chaos and turmoil, it is know fast and simple little complication and noticed.
    Don’t lose hope things will change, I love Hunza with the vision of balance and respect of brotherhood. People with equal right to live and freedom of expression.
    And about my identity well dear I’m a truth that needs to be realized, I’m that wind of change that has time to clear the dirt which has buried the reality of humanity. I’m winter which well snow the remaining of autumn, for spring to bring glory…………………. At last but not least , the voice that call to all live and let other live ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Respect the right and left,,,,,,,,,,, Hope of mission.
    I’m near the bitter reality.
    Love you dear Hunza Lover

  18. @Ruzdor
    I know it will surprise you about my role because when you joined hand with Shahbaz & salim khan alot of water went under the bridge.
    I m trying to share my sympathy with MIR or PIR.

  19. salam all PT reader,
    lot of comments had been posted on the above issue, as it is right of all to say.

    its really displeasure that lower scaled employees were fired by the management. this is not new thing happened , last year more then a dozen employees were fired by this so-called elected cabinet, they all were also lower scaled employees, that time no one dare to protest that issue.
    I agree Mr. Nishat bahi that he said not to politicize this org, as we know well it is totally business org. but is too late, because it already has been politicize by the influence of our political leaders.
    if u go through the comments peoples are still trying to politicize it .

    Nadeem Aman Rumi

  20. @ Thruq Rusth

    Dear Mr Ruth, i have no any kind of personal dealings with any one including Mr Shah. All i am doing is to promote reality here. I am cocksure you are not doing the same here except taking few listened gossips from people. I support Mr Shah the reason, that he is doing well, as i have been working with him closely. I have been working with Shah for the last few years, he is a committed person and i guarantee. Its pity on people like you and me that we do not recognize those people who are really committed and look forward for the betterment of the valley and upliftment of the people. Let me take you into an account, to my faith and belief as i know Mr, Shah, he has no any kind of concern with Mir and his Family. Infact Mr Shah has been a die hard supporter of Ghazanfar for long time, but now he has ended upon on political differences. He has nothing to do with Mir and his family. Infact Mr Shah stood against Ghazanfar in the quest of SDP being freed from the hands of culprts. i.e Salim, Eman Shah, Shahbaz, who wer the real theieves.

    About the cabinet of SDP, i would say that the cabinet is in phase of gettig the power to make it enforce for the people to make them get their owner ship. We should be optimistic and watch them, i hope the new cabinet will work and do their jobs. Obviously it cant happen overnight. It will take some time, we all should be tolerant. Personally i should be more angry with SDP cabinet as i am also having a share of more than 50,000 Rs with it, but i am patient and looking forward for a proper out come… If we keep criticizing on them, no one will respect us … Infact we should encourage them..

    Baqi, Mr Thruq rusth dont be so adorable, I can understand you have lots of love for this land. I will advise you to be optimistic. Every one loves this land and is ready for any kind of sacrifice.

    Love Hunza, Love Gilgit Baltistan

    Karim Madad

  21. Let the new management run this as a business organization. Like other commercial organizations it has to devise its own business plan and strategies.

    Please do not politicize this organization, hiring and firing is part of the management and I would suggest support every step that they are taking to steer this organization through rough and tough terrains of the phases it is going through.

    It is very easy to criticize but really tough to run a business according to the aspirations of all the stake holders.

  22. Every business has its own plans and strategies to cope up with the dynamic and challenging environment surrounding it. The ultimate goal of any business is to save money and make money, so let it operate it as the management decides and according to their plan. And as far as the declaration and payment of the dividends is concerned, it would be made possible if the company saves money, and the down sizing strategy is a facet of this goal. As the divident would ultimately go to the two parties – SINO TRANS and Silk Route Port Company, the 15 shareholders (ultimate owners of the company) would enjoy the dividends…not the trustees of Silk Route Dry Port Trust.

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