Gilgit - Baltistan

Beautiful Baltistan

Machlu Village, Photo by Javaid Baltistani

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  1. wow Beautifull Same Lucation Like Karimabad Hunza the Landscap is same and the Structure of Houses are Equal so it Shows the Relation of Cultures in Northern Ares of Pakistan Wher People Migrated From one Place to Other Place in Old Times Good photograph…..

  2. Oh is it HUNZA,I thought!
    Ya we have other places more or less like HUNZA

  3. Again I will be dubbed as cynic for my comment. But for my mental health it is better to express what I do not like. Previously I commented on these pages that people of Hunza have become narcissists. It is typical of narcissist that he even sees objective world or things other than himself in his image. The comments posted by Didar Karim Bari and Sami are typical manifestation of this psyche. It is picture of Machlu village. The main building has beautiful wooden work. Baltit fort pals in comparison in wooden work of this building. Indeed, Baltit Fort is constructed by Baltistan. We Hunzukuch do not have any contribution. Unfortunately, now we tend to see the masters of our architecture as our pupils are our students. We have sham superiority and hollow culture. Didar and Bari come out to your enclosed shell and look at the world objectively. Other places are not more and less like Hunza. Rather they are different from Hunza. That is why they are ‘other’. Dear editor your website also provides peep into the mind of highly conceited people of our Hunza who are hollow inside, both intellectually and materially.

  4. Yes i am from Hunza but tired of our people’s mentality. thank you for tolerating me on your blog. Please keeping posting pictories. they really elicit reactions and responses emanating from deeper level which are not apparent when we want to follow civilized norms.

  5. Khameto!!

    If a doctor gets tired of the habits of his/her patient, the illness will never be cured.

    You have the critical lense in your hand that exposes angles of our society hidden from the rest of us. This makes your presence, strong presence, at the blog vital for all of us. It helps us look at ourselves, our habits and our ideas in retrospect. You would agree that the moment of looking back at oneself, with a willingness to mend/rectify, is what we need to cultivate, if we are looking for a change.

    Your ideas have rational appeal, if not emotional. And surely your ideas have the power to make us think.

    Please keep contributing.


  6. Dear friends.
    no doubt Hunza is a beautiful valley. I also like Hunza valley and its people.
    But the above picture is MACHULU Town of Beautiful Baltistan.

  7. very beautifull picture.This is really the majic of the photographer otherwise the real scene is not like this.Thanks.


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