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SSC results not available on varsity site

by Noor

Karachi, July 11: The Karakoram International University has failed to make results of the SSC exams available on line, frustrating thousands of people across the region. A very high number of students are routinely visiting the official website of KIU for the past two days, or searching the internet to check results, but have failed to get any clue in this regard. This is despite the fact that yesterday KIU sources had assured that results would be made available on the website by four O’clock.

Frustrated result seekers are expressing their disappointment and frustration against the inefficiency of KIU on Pamir Times. PT had provided a link to the result announced last year and that’s the only news item appearing on search engines. A link to the results would be uploaded on Pamir Times Blog as soon as it is made available on the university website.

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  1. sorry for my mistake, its in the third line of my paragraph i was thinking to write (its my foremost request but mistakenly i wrote respect so please correct it)

  2. Total failure of KIU, yes this total failure bcs result is not available in Skardu City as well as on net.
    I think only Curroption is available in KIU nothing else.

  3. it is a great pleasure for me that i am a graduates of kiu and recently i recievd my degree in MSc in Economics. but very sory to say kiu has sucessfully complet its forth bage and til not able to give the result on internets. although this is very bad news for all kiu faculty members and std especially the voice chancller. i am as a famly member of kiu sugested that it should provide traning for its organizer and make them able to provide such facilities on net. there should be no compromise of merits.
    May Allah sucess kiu in future,Ameen !

  4. whats about the result of ssc ||?thousands of students have been waiting for it for three days.plzzz announced ssc || result as soon as possible on university witesite………………….

  5. kiya karte ho kiu wale? students k life k sath mazaq kar rakha hai. tum logon sy kuch nahi hot to fbise waloon ko examination sys day do. kam az kam time par results to milega.

    website b kaisa third class bana rakha hai apna. koi acha sa site bana lo ya muj say rabita kar lo may bana k doon ga tum ko kam az kam is say acha website…………..

    please apne sys ko theek kar lo……KIU wale

  6. sory to say kiu has sucessfully complet its forth bage and til not able to give the result on internets. although this is very bad news for all kiu faculty members and std especially the new voice chancller. i am as a std of kiu requested that it should provide traning for its organizer and make them able to provide such facilities on net.
    May Allah sucess kiu in future,Ameen !

  7. i am awfully sorry to say that the KIU has been failed to cater the annul result of SCC on university web-site. No doubt it indicates their inability with other lack of abilities from bottom to approach. it is the benign request of the masses of the region to the vice chancellor of kiu make sure the accountibilty of black sheeps of kiu.

  8. haan bhi … masla kiya hay.. abhi tak result q nahi ahya ….mein kab say parishan hoo,..ek iss web sa sahara tah.. yeh b kam nahi ahya… waqt pah…mein PT say request kartah hoo k yeh too result iss pah load kar daay ya phir link daay dey kisi web ki jahan result hoo………


  9. As the VC gone and new VC came,this is showed how KIU is now mismanaged
    Sami ullah

  10. there is great news for al amin model school,, the result of 9th class is 96%, 28 student appeared in exam and 27 student pass, only one student fail in only one subject, and the school is on rank 4th in northern area,..
    the result of 10th class of KIU is 62%…
    there was agreement between HEC and KIU, that HEC will provide internet for KIU, but the time period of this agreement is completed, that’s why there is problem of Uploading of the result, on monday the result will be on net,,,,

  11. What is wrong with you(kiu walo)?NA’s k students k mustakbil k saath is tarah mat khelo.Rishwat ka intizaar kar raha ho kia?

  12. wht kind of IT profeesional KIU has hired, They r not able to upload the results online after the announcement of 3 days?
    New VC should take action against the concernd persons.

  13. Hey lazy faculty of kiu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    why the result is still not on internet.. So sad, tell me when the result is on net????????????????????????????

  14. i almost daily visit the site……bt find it a dead page…one anticipates the administration might have forgot such a thing–then what it does??????????? better wipe it off the net then…….

  15. salam to all this student who has passed his/her matric exam and i cogratulate them. and i request to all we should work hord for our nation because we r too back from others nation

  16. Totally failure of Management. We have only one university in our region and this is the result of its progress?

  17. KIU z nt suppopsed 2 ruin students carer…. nt fair… be organised… i wud suggest u 2 impliment the word “INTERNATIONAL” wthin university( be practical yrr)…. kch to international standards addopt kro… nam k sath international lagana z nt ENOUGH… dnt mind, think positively:))

  18. I think they are not putting the result online because they need to generate pocket money by selling the result gazette. On the other hand the result of Federal Board are still available on their site even after one month.

    Thats why KIU is different from other institutions.


  20. it is a big big guilty of KIu engredient faculty. sorry to say that kIU officials are tactless than rude more. Why not avalable the most important movement on the on line. plz grow up KIU in the world. it can say this adversitty of KIU faculty and official. Where i could allege.
    So i will hope for your’ sagacity in Pakistan and the
    modren world.

  21. woot the hell is up vit ths univer….t.. evn nt possng the ability to gve results on its site …..can v call it univer….t…?

  22. I m very surprise to the managing of Education exam department of Karakoram board that they r not interested exams concern.
    There r some people working for their own but no interested to the other bachara student
    A student I know was complianing that he didnt get marsheet after spending 3 years in studying in Matric.
    This type of problem should b solved but they r sleeping n doing nothing to the needy people of the region.
    The bachara student who suffered in this evil at last came to Karachi I have to take exam of matric n it took 2 more year to complete his matric n totally he sent 5 year in matric .
    This type of evil behavior to the student is shameful
    I request to the concent aitjority that plz b sirious abt this type of problem.
    Hassan Hasni

  23. Do’t say abandone words about KIU, be shme it’s ur own institution tbat u people make it failure. inshallah it make a big name but take a time. be Postive

  24. Well, I do not agree that any institution may itself right or wrong rather those are the people who really work for that . Interestingly, under the charter of the university, it has given an international category among other universities in the country. If some of us called it a failed institution than it would also a failure of the whole vogue nation. KIU, that was given by former regime was a test of our abilities verses our claims of integrity, capability, mutual respect, cooperation and after all our devotion for the development of our coming generation which seems perished as there exist certain lobbies backed by sectarian pressure groups which are against meritocracy. Consequently, appointments on key positions both in faculty and administration have had been made through influential recommendations.
    I am really sorry to share my experience that both faculty and university administration which are divided into certain groups instead of giving more time for students have to focus their attention on their own petty matters. Secondly, the decision to keep university in the international category was a wrong step. In current scenario there is not a single evidence to prove it on such a rapport. The exposure created by the its products i.e students after its creation is another question. In other words, there is not a single discipline where it should be given a higher ranking among other universities on country level. Universities are used to be the intellectual platforms where students get conducive environment to harness their learning through debates, seminars, workshops and other learning centered ventures which I personally feel is scant. Moreover, irregularities in examination procedures, late result announcements and back door marking facilities are few of the dilemmas which would hardly enable KIU to come to the acredited postion like the other institutions in the down cities.
    It comes to the educated youth of the region to hider corupt elements to play with future of our future leaders, otherwise it would be a hard job to save KIU from perill.

  25. it is v shameful that kiu is unable to show 9th class result online after promising to do that…… kiu come on lets develop your site a bit more yar….

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