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“I am a fired bullet”, Nazir Sabir

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Karachi, September 27: Famous mountaineer Nazir Sabir has said that he does not intend to contest in the upcoming election of Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly. He has thanked people of Hunza valley for providing him the opportunity to lead them on the political front once, admiting that most of his time in power was wasted in resolving issues related to sectarian tension and tussle with bureaucracy. He has admited that he was not able to concentrate on other areas of need during his tenure in power.

He has expressed these views while talking to Gilgit – Baltistan Times, an emerging new blog of Gilgit – Baltistan.

Responding to a questions regarding his candidature for the upcoming elections, Nazir has called himself a “Chala hua kartoos” – a fired bullet, urging the people of Hunza to “try someone else”.

Nazir has also blasted the Kashmiri nationalist leadership for interfering in the affairs of Gilgit – Baltistan. He has advised the Kashmiris to “concentrate on their own region”.

Talking about the package for Gilgit – Baltistan, Nazir Sabir has said that it’s biggest fault is that it has not been prepared in consultation with representatives of the people.

Read complete interview at source.

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  1. Dear sir
    You are the leader who disqualified the cruel royal family you know that how those people tourcher the Hunza people so I think u will be particpate in election all the people of Hunza from age of 18 to 110 all are with u. if u cant lead the upcoming elections i think this is the great trouble with the people of Hunza.

  2. he had bicatted the elections for the rights of people of hunza .and i tnink its good for the betterment of hunza people

  3. Mr. Nasir Sabir, is a world wide known personality a name of proud and prestige! an eminent ,veteran,fearless mountaineer ,a hero,a legend, a great name of history, a true leader and what else Not! a great son and pride of Gilgit-Baltistan! a living history!
    Mr. Nazir Sabir, i am great FAN and my ideal climber! my first meeting a couples of month back was unbelievable and wonderful, the way he availed his time for a person like me ,happened to me, he is a “GREAT GREAT LEADER”,who feels pleased to meet youths and people of all kind,despite his hectic and busy time.more unveiled his great personality which was not very much known to me, from his climbing experience to political activism and his service and his visions,lured me to think more and more and felt proud,that we have DEDICATED,VISIONARY and SELFLESS LEADER Like Mr NAZIR SABIR.His great personality they way briefed me and availed his valuable time is unforgettable.
    who truly look for the people of the region without any difference and segment. i therefore say , we truly need in the time to cooperate, to get the multiple benefit for the coming generation.otherwise tough time!

    I personally believe, wish and request ,if you please don’t withdraw yourself from the upcoming election,otherwise the play ground will be left empty for the looters and anti progressive and usurps . you have proved yourself all time great and winner, either high mountains or politics . you are the man who defeated the family ,those who have no any antagonists to win over! and you win over them.
    your stance against the evil plots and anti progressives is praise worthy and applauded!
    i believe and feel the youth is standing beside you and will support you in every stance that you take for the betterment and development of the region, i believe your dedication and leadership will give a new horizon to the region for development and progress.
    i request you again please not to withdraw yourself from the election because PEOPLE OF GILGIT-BALTISTAN NEED YOU AND YOUR LEADERSHIP!
    Mirza Ali

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