Pakistan Peoples Party awards tickets to “old leaders”

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Islamabad, October 13: PPP is fielding veterans, or kith and kin of veterans, for the upcoming election of Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly. According to an announcement by the secretary general of PPP, Jahangir Badar, three contestants from various constituencies of Gilgit district, including Muhammad Musa, Jameel Ahmed and Aftab Haider. Pir Karam Ali Shah, former deputy chief executive, Ghulam Muhamad, secretary general of PPP – GB and Dr Ali Madad Sher got party tickets from Ghizar district. In Hunza – Nagar district, Muhammad Ali Akhtar, Zulfiqar Ali and Wazir Baig got the party tickets for contesting the elections to be held on 12th November.

Muhammad Ismail and Jafar Ali got tickets from Ghangche district while Imran Nadeem is a prominent contestant getting ticket from Skardu district. Shams ur Rehman and Fida Ullah are prominent among those getting party tickets from Astore and Diamir District.

Jameel Ahmed and Imran Nadeem have recently changed parties to join PPP, while Zulfiqar Ali from Nagar, son of late Qurban Ali, and Shams ur Rehman are new entrants.

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  1. i hoped the ppp would have chosen a younger and more energetic candidate for hunza.wazir baig has already been tried and has not been able to deliver anything in the past.we need young blood with new ideas and vigor.

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