“Abduction incident is a conspiracy against Progressive Youth Front and Hunza Action Committee”, Baba Jan

By Noor

Islamabad, October 18: “The unfortunate incident in which an employee of NATCO was allegedly abducted and tortured is an organized conspiracy against the Progressive Youth Front”, Baba Jan, Chief organizer of PYF told Pamir Times. “The place from where Sultan Ayub was allegedly abducted is surrounded by dozens of shops, offices, and located at a prominent public place. How is it possible for someone to abduct a person from such a public place without any reaction or resistance”, Baba Jan questioned.

Referring to an earlier incident of political abduction he said that workers of PPP had abducted Amir Hayat, a resident of Hussain Abad and a former member of district council, in the nineties to reap political objectives.

He said that federalist parties, especially PPP and PML – N, are afraid of the popularity of PYF and they are hatching conspiracies to defame the party. He warned that if cases were registered against the “innocent” workers of PYF ‘a series of never ending protests would engulf the region and all the responsibilities will lie with the local administration and the federal government’.

He denied the allegation that speakers had threatened at a rally of the AHAC to abduct family members of a prominent social worker “dodging the people of Hunza”. However, he said that speakers, including himself and Ghazanfar Ali Khan, had proposed punishment, like ‘blackening of face’, for ‘dissenters and traitors’ of AHAC. He also confirmed that slogans were raised against Zafar Iqbal in Aliabad.

He further said, responding to a question, that “leaders of PPP and PML – N stayed indoors like scared cats and did not step out to file their nomination papers while Zafar Iqbal filed his nomination paper through his agent so the slogans were raised against him only”.

He blamed PPP for failure of AHAC. “Wazir Baig, Ghulam Muhammad and Fida Karim were part of AHAC but they dodged us to please their Pakistani masters”, Baba Jan said.

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  1. It is indeed a shameful act and must be condemned at every stage…… Things should not be putted on some body if not involved but i wonder to know the punishment suggested by the HAC. (Which actually was used as platform for personal political gain)? These were the mode of punishments during crucial state of Hunza…. now Hunza is claiming to have 99% literacy rate suggesting punishment of stone ages…. really a moment of shame of all of us……? If these are the suggested mode of punishments than why not for all those who submitted and are contesting the elections, why nomination papers were taken earlier…. why this so called HAC is going to participate in coming elections,,,, and from whose behalf a press a shameful conference (demanding Hunza State) was arranged in Gilgit by HAC. These are the questions and need to be answered to the people of Hunza

    Once again we people of Hunza need to think about the level of maturity of our political leadership and it is reflected by this event.

  2. Wonderful logics from Baba Jan. Every one knows that PYF as part of Hunza Action Committee are behind the incident. The arrested person and the nominated 4 others based on investigation clearly indicates their affiliations. I dont know why the name is Progressive Youth Front , it should be rather Tehrik Taliban. The abduction and even ….. abusing a poor person should not be forgiven.

    Baba Jan openly admit your involvement and hunza action committee if wants to remain indiffernce immediately announce detachment from Baba Jan group.

    My humble request is to media persons to not give coverage to such criminal type people. This was media who made the Taliban hero.

  3. Appriciatable view of Mr.Baba Jan,he is young and brave leader, hope next coming election he will appear and represent any party.

    1. Mr. Farhat we are really disappointed to read your comments. Dont encourage these ruffians. Is it bravery to torture an innocent fellow who is just a servant with NATCO. Our heads bowed down with shame. And you see such people as future leaders. very shame.

  4. Dear PT readers,violence is not acceptable @ any cost.
    Mr Baba Jan must realise about sensitive situation.
    why PYF wants political violence in the peaceful region.
    May i know about the hidden hands and the agenda of outsiders.
    the criminal elements must go out from the paradise; we want peace. peace; only peace.

  5. I am really ashamed while hearing about this incident in Hunza where we claim 100% literacy and a civilised society. I met with Sultan and am unable to discribe what these criminals have done with them. Sultan should not be ashamed rather we all educated Hunzukutz are ashamed.

    We need to give a lesson to these criminal mind group otherwise these will hijake all of us. I also strongly condemn the institutions behind the culprits. The AHAC is if not directly behind this incident , they are responsible for the conspiracy because the committee members were already threatening for this.

  6. This is an unfortunate incident and it appears tht all time notorious people have started their malicious and mean wrongdoings once again. They must be painted black in the eyes of public openly. You must remember it is not happening for the first time, these black wolfs have been involved in disgusting actions in the past as well. “Beware of wolfs in the skin of sheep.”

  7. 99% even sometimes we say 100% literacy rate in Hunza… the most progressive people on the surface of this earth… we should be ashamed of listening to an illiterate, ignorant, and criminal minded person- Noor Mohammad and Baba Jan. The people of Hunza must have not forgotten the past even the present of Mr. Noor Mohammad. I hope the the people of Hunza must be wise enough to use their vote to protect Hunza from these so called “young and energetic” leaders who have a long resume of criminal records…..

    1. Salaam to All Hunzai”s, we are the son of soil, we have to now the groung realtz ? wthz was the real sutituion behind this event, Baba jan is the Nationalist leader of Gilgit Baltistan not only son of Hunza, we have to invistigate wath was the acctual factors. hope baba jan va come a promint leader of our area, sallaam Baba Jan

  8. ab mere on gojal or hunza k bayiun ko yad aaraha hogen on k ye coments ..jb in k pade likhe rehnumawon jin ko inhon ne elect kya hai ada hunza ko dobaya hai …long live progressive youth fornt.. jeye babajan

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