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Today, 23rd October, Pamir Times completes two years of online presence. Thank you all for reading, commenting on posts, contributing photogrphs, articles and news stories from across Gilgit – Baltistan and other parts of the world. Together we are creating a model of community journalism for rest of the moutain societies to adopt....

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New Wakhi audio album, “Yod”, inaugrated

By Ali Ahmad Gilgit, October 22: A new Wakhi musical audio album, titled “Yod” was released for sale today. Islamuddin of PPP and Salamat Jan of PML (N) participated in the release event, along with over three hundred other people. The songs have been composed by Nazar karim Tanha, belonging...

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Rupani Foundation for development of Gems sector in Gilgit – Baltistan

Sultan Ahmed, Masaid Ullah Baig and Ms. Gloria Gcheung addressing the introductory session. By Asghar Khan Gilgit, October 21: An introductory session on Gems sector was organized by Rupani Foundation at Gemstone Enterprise Development Center, Zulfiqarabad, Gilgit. Senior representatives of Northern Areas Gems and Minerals Association (NAGMA), Local Tour Operators,...

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