Happy Birthday PT
Happy Birthday PT. Photo Nur

Today, 23rd October, Pamir Times completes two years of online presence.

Thank you all for reading, commenting on posts, contributing photogrphs, articles and news stories from across Gilgit – Baltistan and other parts of the world.

Together we are creating a model of community journalism for rest of the moutain societies to adopt.

Pamir Times had posted its first story on 23rd October, 2007. Since then we have made 1400 posts. We have approved 10, 207 comments. Our team of reporters has grown from two (2) to seven active volunteer reporters and twenty three (23) occasional, highly valuable, reporters.

The journey is growing young with every passing day. Come and join us.

Give Pamir Times the gift of your Time and Knowledge on its birthday.

Chief editor & Team PT

SMS Messages on PT Birthday

“Happy birthday to PT team and congratulations for pioneering online youth community journalism in HKP region. Wishing you a more interactive and creative year and praying that spirit of voluntarism, pluralism, objectivity and the courage to speak truth takes roots”.

Ghulam Amin Baig

“Happy Birthday. Being a prism of the society, you have presented the hues of our thoughts. May your pages be filled with such colors, forever”.

Nazir Ahmed Bulbul

“Many many happy returns of the day. may God give you the strength to continue the great job. Stay put, good luck”.

Aziz Ahmed GBLA Candidate LA 6, Hunza

 “Happy birthday Pamir times. I am in cordoba andulucia visited beautiful mosque here and tomorrow going to visit alhambra . Pamir times keeping me in touch always here with my native place Hunza.

Wishing pamir times very successful years to come. God give you courage for independent journalism . Mubarak from Andulucia spain.

Mubarak Hussain (Ganish)

Happy birthday to Pamir Times. Thank you to the Pamir Times team for keeping us updated and wish you more success in the future”

Didar Ali Hunzai

If you want to send PT an SMS message on the occasion of its birthday, please send your  text to 0346-2500041.

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    Pope John XXIII said ‘Men are like wine. Some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age’. The same quote could be apply to institutions and Pamir Times being a young institution of our age in our area ‘Gilgit-Baltistan’ could be said is the one which is improving and is not the one which turned into vinegar.

    Before saying Happy Birthday to Pamir Times, it is important to feel and realize the pain and difficulties that come across when someone wants to turn a huge fantasy into a reality, particular one that is belongs to the public domain and open for all sought of criticism and cry. Pamir Times, started as it looks with a tiny step towards providing a platform for exchanging information and ideas for the relatively small community of Gojal, Hunza. However, PT’s flavour being universal has attracted thousands of others across cities and countries in East and West, particularly those who have any kind of interest in Gilgit-Baltistan. The challenges and hurdles which were faced by Pamir Times when it has ‘Spoken Truth To the Power’ are enormous. On times Power Blocks have tried to annihilate the Pamir Times and struggled to turn it into vinegar but we salute Pamir Times to keep its ideals of speaking truth to the power by representing masses which has made it the finest wine for all those who have tasted it.

    Happy Birthday Pamir Times, for completing another successful year of taking intellectual, political, social and cultural initiatives and rousing transformation of democratic values among men and women of Gilgit-Baltistan and Hunza. We hope you would keep this light of advocacy and awareness on the path of democratic values, social justice and equal right for everybody that guarantees peace, progress and development for all. Happy Birth Day!!!!

    Abbas Ali

  2. Dear Team of Pamirtimes
    Happy Birthday to Pamirtimes.Pamirtimes is a role model for all the blogs of Gilgit Baltistan.May Allah give Pamirtimes sucsess in the Coming Future .On Behalf of Hunzatimes News team i congratulate Pamirtimes for its second Birthday.
    With Regards
    Sher Afzal Hunzai


    Congrats all the team of Pamirtimes for completing 2 years successfully.

    their efforts are really appricatable.

    Hope the same in future.:)

    Nadeem Aman Rumi

  4. Congratulations! Zulfiqar and team!!!Meanwhile,pamir Time has produced,politicians like Noor Muhammad,a vocal,vibrant and vigilant person(VVVP) and today Zulfiqar rose to a position of national fame journalist jumped into high ranking development professional and people like us around got much knowledge and ideas on positive and sustainable development in our society and the beloved country.
    Of course PT is an example of communty based knowledge management and sharing information for rural and specially mountain areas of pakistan and the world.
    As an academacian by profession I would like to ask our students at university graduates to make PT as their topic of thesis just as

    Pamir Times role in knowledge management of Hunza-Nagar valleys

    As well as a dessertation for PhD is also possible because it is one of the first in its nature of media which has been playeding an integral role in communication of Gojal and Hunza-Nagar communities world wide .

    Good Luck! PT


    I wish you all the best for the years coming ahead

    all the best,

    Mehboob Aziz

  6. Congratulation to Pamir Times Team. This day is also important for the Hunza Jamat, Maulana Hazir Imam blessed Hunza jamat with his Didar Mubarak and we are reaping the benefits even today. My warmest wishes to all PT team and community members Salgira Mubarak

  7. Congratulations Pamir TImes for successfully completing 2 years, the only reliable news blog from Gilgit baltistan.wish you all the best

    Javed Ali


  8. Many Many Congratualation for the completion of two year PT, I think you have done a great job, because your web site give us update news and information of GB .

  9. Dear Zulfiqar & Nur: Congratulations on completion of two years of PT. In deed it is an important day today when a SUN rose and cast its light on the soil of Hunza to melt the centuries old frozen inertia of impoverishment. Two years back, today, you did so by putting a small pebble into silent waters of so called educated minds in hibernation, now we can see ripples rising high and moving far. So, you both did an excellent job and wishing you all the best.

  10. Please make some changes, there is no much attractions with your website… far i see PT. advertising and supporting people here belonging to PPP and i always see them anti MIRS. with due request please try to keept PT neutral,Thanks and i am wishing You Many Happy returns for the day.HAPPY BIRTH DAY BOY.still you have long way to Go……………………………………………………………………………….????

  11. Many many congratuations to PT team and happy birth day to Pamir Times.

    I will just say

    Sitaroon se aage jahan aur bhi hay
    abhi ishq ke imtihan aur bhi hay

    Wish you all the best

  12. Wish PT team a very happy birthday, Congratulation, indeed it is a great effort for a good beginning, you have go for miles and miles. There will be lots of criticism but you people should be clear about your Goal. If some is doing wrong, it justices to tell him.
    This blog gives us an update regarding the events, issues, happening of Gojal and Hunza, beside this you people are also covering issues related to NAs.

    Congratulation again

  13. The laps of success so far were challenging and would remain in the future…. HBD with laps of courage and commitment would remain its principle to bring about a positive change in the society.

    This would again contribute in empowering the people by being a voice for voiceless and source of inspiration for intellectual and progressive minds…..

    Bravo the team of PT…..

  14. Happy Birth day to PT.
    thank you the PT team for the updates. i wishes the siprit of the volunteers remains alive for ever.
    i wounder if the lay out of the blog would have changed on the 2nd birth day cz it is the same design and colour used for long time

  15. Gentlmens! congratulation for completion of two goldens years and hope it would be continued.

    Mr. Abbas why not any muslim schoolar or even any ismaili instead of your Pope..

  16. Congratulations to Pamir Times,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, for completing two years of great success…………………. Keep on going guys.

    Almaty KZ.

  17. My heartiest congratulations to the founder and team of the Pamir Times for completing two very challenging early years. The Pioneering efforts in the field will give hope to many creative minded people. Welldone ! Keep-it-up!!

    on this happy moment i would also like to Congratulate the whole team of PT for their commitment and exellent work….


  19. Congratulation!!!

    You make impossible, possible being a voice for the deprived, constitution less, voiceless, hopeless and souless people to heard around the globe.

  20. Congratulations for your continued success over the last two years. I have keenly followed your coverage of news, lively debates and emotionally charged but fiercely intellectual exchanges on a range of social, political and cultural issues that determine and shape our life in Hunza and the wider region of Gilgit-Baltistan. The spirit of activism and a burning desire for positive social change through engaging segments of our society in Hunza is surely a highly admirable effort. Well done Pamir Times team.

    I pray and wish you best luck in your future endeavours. I hope that the growing middle class and educated members of our society will continue to be actively contributing in the success of Pamir Times and its associated initiatives.

  21. Many congratulation to Pamir times
    In short span of time, PT achieved a lot, this blog gathered people all around the world at one place to share their knowledge on concurrent social, political, economical, educational, and religious issues. So, keep it up and keep in mind your readers.

  22. Happy birth day PT!

    Congratulation Zulfi and Noor. You both done very well. I salute for your efforts.keep it up.

  23. happy birthday pamir time

    great work gentleman’s up to now and hope it will be much better in the future.

  24. happy birth day to u PT

    PT: SAME TO YOU:-)

    nice achivment in such a short interval of time. lot of congrats to the members and owner of pt

    sartaj shaani

  25. Zulfiqar-Nur and team,
    Congratulations on completing successful two years in a positive journalism as a voice of bom-e dunya. Well done PT and team
    I, as a reader, would like to thank to all contributers around the globe who help PT in successful completion of two years.

    Happy Birthday!

  26. Happy Birthday, PT on your 2nd birthday.

    Although you are an infant of just two years but your achievements are numerous. The online community that this young blog has created is a source of information, aspiration and truly inspiring for our youth. I can see many upcoming journalists, poets, photographers, writers, political leaders and many more. I pray for your growth, fulfillment of your wishes and a very bright future.


  27. Its a nice feeling when you know that someone likes you, someone thinks about you, someone needs you; but it feels much better when you know that someone never ever forgets your birthday.”HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 PT”.

  28. happy birthday ,happy birthday..
    on this day i would like to thanks Mr zulfiqar ali khan the founder of and pay tribute to his vision ….thanks loop lool…

  29. Happy Birthd day to PT..
    very good efforts have been done by the team members for the last one year to maintain the website in terms of news and other blogs for entertainment just for us i congrate zulfiqar and his team for the fabolous job….

    Didar Karim Bari
    TE MIED (SIP) Project

  30. Congrats to PT for coempleting two years of continued struggle and achievements in the cyber world. PT has proved as a well managed and updated blog of GB.

    I wish all the best to PT for its future progress and I think it is high time for PT to reflect back and draw startegic lines for the years ahead. How the experience of this blog can be used for improving journalism in Gilgit Baltistan especailly in the face of demand for quality as well as access.

  31. Happy birth day to pamir time.good wishes and long live.mullah give you a succies and long life all of you. oooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  32. Dear Nur and Zulfiqar,

    Congt to both of you, your team and all those connected with Pamirtimes.

    keep it up

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