[BREAKING NEWS] Nawaz Khan Naji wins by-election in Ghizer

Nawaz Khan Naji is Supreme Leader of his own faction of the Balawaristan National Front (BNF)

PT Report

Gilgit, April 28 – According to unofficial results received through various sources, Nawaz Khan Naji (NKN), Supreme Leader of the Balawaristan National Front (BNF) has staged a resounding victory in LA – 19, Ghizar – 01, by-election.

Naji has, reportedly, obtained 8218 votes as compared to PML(n) candidate, Col (r) Karim’s 5074. Candidate of the ruling party, Engineer Jawahir Ali Khan has been able to get 4564 of the votes cast.

The polling, by and large, remained peaceful. Official result of the by-election will be notified by the Election Commission. According to some sources PPP has accepted defeat.

It is pertinent to note that thee LA – 19 seat was considered to be a confirmed PPP seat, constantly won by present GB Governor, Syed Pir Karam Ali Shah, for the past 35 years.


Nawaz Khan Naji has been popular among the youth of Gilgit – Baltistan because he has vocally presented the region’s case at different platforms.

However, there are people who believe that Naji may have compromised some of his party’s basic ideologies to win votes during the recent elections. At one point during the election campaign Naji said that he is not against Pakistan. “I am going to take oath of allegiance to Pakistan”, Naji had reportedly said, in sharp contrast to his earlier stances.

Some analysts believe that Naji will have to remain flexible if he wants to stay relevant in the politics of Gilgit – Baltistan, where federalist parties have always had the upper hand.

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  1. We all comrades congratulate NAWAZ Khan Naji for winning election in GB. We all appreciate his win over fascists parties (PPP, PML(N), MQM etc.).

  2. We all comrades congratulate NAWAZ Khan Naji for winning election in GB. We all appreciate his win over fascists parties etc.).

  3. surkh salam
    bundel of greeting to take over on paki parties ,nawaj khan naji is pride of bolor nation hope he well fight 4 freedom as he had done in past..

  4. Well done Naji, congrats on you win in GB , the same situation will be face by PPP in Gojal in the coming election .

  5. We all comrades congratulate NAWAZ Khan Naji for winning election in GB. We all appreciate his win over fascists parties etc.).who could speak on our behalf.

  6. I whole heartedly congratulate Nawaz Khan Naji for winning the election of Ghizer I.I further praise the voters of the area who gave correct verdict when freedom is provided for the first time. The voters of the constituency turn out to be the real democrates not only in GB but the entire Pakistan. I hope Nawaz Khan Naji will keep this fact in mind and serve the people with justice irrespective of religion, cast, region and creed.

  7. first time i heard his speech on the given link which is more confusing, what really he really wants to motivate, this guy is creating more complexities in his speech talking both to be part of kashmir and freedom of GB.
    but the fact is that we are part of Pakistan, we should struggle for our way to the national assembly.
    i really dont know about the background of this party? who are the financers?
    and what is their agenda?
    can someone write a brief article on this party, a neutral journalist.

  8. Mr Khan sb there is need for you know abt this party …. you have search come khan parties …..pakistan occupied GB …welldone NAJI …we will rise ….ppl will come to knw soon our identity ……..

  9. To Khan!

    Mr. Khan- ur comments to the embedded utube link, whereby Mr. Naji has dilated upon Balawaristan/GB status and Pakistani state’s position on GB, shows , your origin is not from GB and probably one planted here by Pakistani State.
    Pakistan is a state on the brink of being a failed state, which is at war with itself and depends on Taliban and likes to sustain itself vis-a vis India.
    Mr. Naji’s remarks are absolutey true and we hope BNF will kick out Pakistani political parties maned by people like Mehdi Shah etc planted by deep state.
    Mr. Khan !Will u tell us , where r u actually from

    Nawaz Naji Zinda Abad
    balawaristan Painda Abad

  10. Well done Mr. Nawaz Khan Naji! hope you will bring a positive change for the people of LA 19 ghezar.

  11. Congratulations for wining the hearts and minds of the majority people in that constituency, which is more important then wining a seat!
    Lets confess that Nawaz Naji is the only nationalist-liberal leader in GB who without the support of national parties, administration and other financiers was able to mobilize the youth, who in turn worked day and night to mobilize the people. He has become an iconic figure for the youth of GB.

    Only time will tell whether he, his party and youth around him would now be able to consolidate this grandslide victory into a tangibel program of action for the youth, for development in his constituency and for the rights of the people of GB from the floor of GBLA, however he has already broken the myth and has legitimized his role in GB politics by representing and voicing the voice of the youth of GB.

    One thing he may need to do first is uniting all nationalist, socialist and liberal and moderate parties of GB at one plateform to agree on a Chart of Self Rule (COSR) and Terms of Cooperation with Parties to the Kashmir Dispute. This will help create a national consensus on key issues, which could be later signed by local leaders of the federal parties, if they agree to the charter.

  12. the people who gave vote to Naji Dont know the bitter realities about the Naji, his financer…. people gave him vote thinking that he is poor like us… ………… it is wrong to say that it is mandate to his view.. Naji people dont know ur realties… I know 95 % of voters from my village who voted Naji dont know NAJI’s bad intentions…

    We are Pakistani, our straggle is make a GB fifth province….. Hopefully Naji will understand the situation…

    Pakistan Zindabad.. GB paindabad…

  13. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Congrates on the resounding Victory in GBLA-19 Ghizer-1.
    We salute all the people of Punial and Ishkoman for their supprot to BNF..
    Jiye Najjjjjjjjjjeeeeeeeeeeee
    Jiye Balawaristan.

  14. It is indeed an initiation of landmark victories for the people of GB. Eventually the Pakistan will learn that in the past while they talked about librating Kashmiris, they have been constantly opressing the loyal and sincere people of Pakistan in Gilgit-Baltistan. Now they should know that the apatheired law will be not tolarable for the people any more they need to be given the due right confusing the right of people with the Kashmir dispute.

  15. Heartiest congratulations to Nawaz Naji for his win. This shows how intensly people of GB are fed-up with the status-quo and eager for a real change.
    But at the same time, I don’t see any positive change being materialized through an ultra-nationalistic approach such as BNF and vice versa. I don’t say they are wrong in their reasoning but there is a huge gap between their history-based reasoning and their tactics of addressing the issues vis-a-vis the situation of the day.
    If anyone is sincere in uplifting the socio-economic condition of the people of GB, he must be a moderate and balanced.

    Yar Khan

  16. Any balance anticipated should be in the interest of GB people in terms of eliminating poverty and making the society a knowledge-based, not a rhetoric based.

    Yar khan

  17. It’s not so easy to understand complex global motives and pin point a balanced agenda for the prosperity of GB without consulting the intellectuals of the area and forming a regional think tank.

    Yar Khan

  18. In the current situation, victories do not matter for me but what matters is “IDEAS”. A victory without coherent “ideas” is like shooting in the dark.

    Yar Khan

  19. @ SHEHZAD,
    Your comments are welcome and its your opinion, everyone has its own opinion but you can not ignore the realities and put your own idea into a mass,
    @(Your origin is not from GB)
    I am proud that first I am Pakistani and then I belong to Gilgit-Baltistan. Which has been declared fifth province of Pakistan and it’s on its way to get its full constitutional rights.
    @(Pakistan is a state on the brink of being a failed state, which is at war with itself and depends on Taliban and likes to sustain itself vis-a vis India).
    This is what great Nations face problems not only now but from our history from the time of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Islam has been targeted. Pakistan is of course on war, externally with India and Israel and internally not only Taliban but insurgent mind people as well.
    @ (Mr. Naji’s remarks are absolutey true and we hope BNF will kick out Pakistani political parties maned by people like Mehdi Shah etc planted by deep state.)
    Mr Naji’ s remarks are not clear, his party agenda is not clear, it seems he is running a separatist movement. As you said you will kick out Pakistani political parties, it’s your right you can kick any political party through your own vote and voice, but can not ignore to be part of Pakistan. You and Naji are Pakistani and you must respect its sovereignty.
    @ (Mr. Khan !Will u tell us , where r u actually from)
    I am a proud Pakistani and from Gilgit-Baltistan.

  20. We whole heartedly congratulate Mr. Nawaz Khan Naji for his win. I personally salute ur vision and effort and i am 100% sure that the youth
    and people of G-B will also support your mission. Indeed in the comming election you and ur party will win from all constituency.
    Ali Masud

  21. dear naji sb
    i congrtulate u on behalf of people of Gjal, as we r the most sufferd people because of the sheer in-competency of PPP govt during the dissaster, although i also belong to ppp but the mess ppp spread in Gojal is forcing me to think of other options, in our meeting here in Gojal we discussed a lot about BNF spcally abt You, and we well come you to Gojal, we a leader a kind of you to fight at least for our rights, we condm the dead leaders of Gojal and Hunza, we has left us on the mercy of useless FWO.
    well come to Gojal, u have Won Our hearts

    nasir baig

    PPP gojal

  22. Congratulations to Mr. Naji and his faction for winning the election.
    At the same time a question that is clicking my mind; that his faction which was against the status quo of Gilgit Baltistan and his ideology that use to declares Pakistani administration as foreign aggression is now compromised. So what force motivated Mr. Naji to become the part of the status quo? His ideology has now indirectly legitimize the presence of Pakistan on the GB.
    Mr. Naji, who use to be very critical regarding the role of federalist parties in the area, now the time has came to deliver his credibility to the people who have elected him.
    Lets hope his victory will fulfill the promises to the masses who voted him.

  23. WOW WOW WW
    I thanks to Nasir PPP for his statement and for his philanderer opinion.
    PPP is the party who worked for the cause of Gojal and the relief which u and ur children are eating now is the blessing of the party.
    Disaster caused due to you ppl not form those who gave u birth of liberty in entire GB.
    Naji is a man who is working on the agenda of foes and they take money from them. When such new party like BNF started than the sorrow climbed up and also natural disaster come just bc of such hypocratic ppl like u.

  24. congratulations to Naji Sb and his party workers and his voters. Actually, People of Ghizar are not against Zulfiqar Ali Bhuto or Benazir Bhuto and origional PPP. Z.A Bhuto made the District, this order was cancelled by Ziaulhaq. Then again Benazir Bhuto made the district. People of Ghizar respect these personalities heartedly.
    Now, there is no PPP, just the people who are showing themselves the leaders of PPP are getting votes in the name of Zulfiqar Ali Bhuto and Benazir Bhut.

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