Chinese company restarts work on KKH expansion project after release of 90 million USD

The present day KKH looks like a medieval road

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani on Thursday approved US$ 90 million for the restoration of Karakoram Highway, out of the financial help provided by the Chinese Government.

The credit facility had been extended by China as part of a larger confessional facility for the post flood rehabilitation and reconstruction in the communication, energy and transport sectors.

The operationalization of Karakoram Highway has been a priority of the government due to its strategic significance, being an important means of communication for the people, as well as an important trade route.

CRBC has restarted expansion work on KKH after release of the funds.

In another development, the ECNEC Friday approved four projects from Transport and Communications Sector including  Reconstruction/Rehabilitation of assets damaged during 2010 floods, National Highway Improvement Programme (N-5) Revised, Rehabilitation and Construction of damaged Section of NHA Roads Totaling 127.77 km kin the Earthquake affected areas (Revised), Realignment KKH at Barrier Lake, Attabad, Hunza and Gilgit-Baltistan (17 km new-7+Km rehabilitation).

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  1. Isn’t is strange that the already pledged funds, that too by the Chinese government was not released and the company had no choice but to pack-up. It is really shameful. What would have happened if Pakistan government had to fund from their own resources.

    This shows the commitment and seriousness of our government towards this so called strategic asset of Pakistan.

    The financial discipline of our able NHA is already known to all of us, no need to comment on their ability with the able management (99% hungry military crocodiles).

    Oh my Allah……………..Please save us……………..and our country……..Amen

  2. govt and political alligators in Islamabad as well as here in gilgit are well aware of the situation, this is something so simple to understand why the funds were not releases but our people are so fool, they just dont seem to understand the scenario, Chinese govt provided billions in restoration of KKH, which is held in account in Islamabad, u know why , cuz these billions if stayed in banks for only a month or two or half an year, the profit on them is in lacs and crores, which goes to their pockets, this is the reason why they don’t release it on time, the same thing happens in our govt offices in GLT, high rank beaurocrates upheld the small scale workers payments for two to three months, so that the profit in these these months can into their pockets.

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