[Letter] Call to the people of Hunza

I fully subscribe to the initiative by Baltit Rural Support Organisation. It is my strong conviction that Hunza’s future lies in staying united. We can ill afford to divide ourselves in the name of political parties and factions. We have lived as one family, and turn to our leader for guidance, both in our worldly as well as spiritual matters. Then how can we even think of drawing lines among ourselves?

Let us stay united, devise a mechanism to bring about honest, selfless, capable and committed leadership with proven record of success in life. This is possible; one only needs to give it a chance. The author of the initiative has asked for ten years for the results to be seen; I am optimistic about positive results even in a shorter time span.

I urge the patriotic and intelligent peoplpe of entire Hunza to pay heed to this appeal, come together and chart a way to tailor a system that suits YOU and not those who sit on the other side of Himalayas and Karakurams and want to play with our destiny.

The success of this initiative is in its inclusiveness. The support to this initiave must, therefore, come even from those who are currently part of the present political system. Come, join and lead this initiave. It is for you, because you have the capability to lead!!!!

Air Commodore (r) Naunehal Shah

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  1. We, the people of entire Hunza concur with the savvy ideas and call for unity by Naunehal Sahab. Let’s pledge to supplement and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses and move forward as a progressive, enlightened and egalitarian nation.

    As “We ARE ONE” always…


  2. Being idealistic the views expressed are certainly very lofty and appear quite impressive.However, coming to the realities of modern life and looking at the ground situation, nobody is offering a concrete solution to the pressing problems of the day which the common people are forced to face, If we do not look to the future or at least the present, if we are that short sighted, and remain prisoners of the past, probably our progress is going to be zero. I feel we have to learn to listen to the common people before we suggest remedies on the same lines like a physician would first listen to his/her patient and examine him/her before suggesting the treatment. We must inculcate the culture of bringing in collective wisdom instead of the leadership at different levels claiming to possess all the intellect and the ability to take decisions even if they are awry while disregarding the input of the mass of people including those with expertise in their respective fields of specialisation. In fact, the test of leadership comes where a leader is able to take cues from the collective wisdom of the society. Therefore, I think for the present, we are raising more questions rather than offering any solutions or guidance!!!

  3. in the present Senior of pakistan and GB politics we have to react in the manner the other ppl of the area are reacting. this is a plus point that v hunzais are well educated and aware of humanity but if the culprits of govt impose any kind of ill law on us, or trying to derive us from our basic rights we have to teach them,
    I urge Commodore (r) Naunehal Sahib that do not merge religious dogmas with the ill politics of this failed country which can not even provide us shelter, food and other daily necessary goods to its citizens or even cant give protection t them, The history of GB specially Hunza …what Govt give us till v associate our self with this country ??? nothing nothing … so it is need of time to realize Pakistanis n their Gov’t to think about us critically,
    As far as our united is cncernd v have to be united at any cost, we are looking forward you people who serve the pakistan with love n sincerity must play a vitol role to create harmony in the region.

  4. I have great respect for Mr.Naunehal Shah and support his idea of unity and solidarity among the folks of Hunza valley.But at the same time I disagree with the concept of developing sociopolitical mechanism based on faith or ethnical ideology. The progressive and educated youth of the valley will resist the philosophy of divide on the religious and linguistic fault lines and instead will move forward to promote cohesiveness among the communities of the region.The people of Hunza will also resist the utopian military style revolution or the religious dogmatism and move forward to support the democratic political evolution.

  5. The proposed “initiative” and call to the people of Hunza is both utopian and inapplicable. While I have no doubt in the sincerity of what has been proposed but I seriously fear that this will create another comfort zone and castrate our people socially and politically.

    The initiative demands that people of Hunza should give up any affiliations with political parties and join in the civil society’s effort to ensure a fair political process. Now this is a paradox as to how the political rights can be ensured by de-politicizing ourselves? In addition, the GBLA is already amputated of its real powers, how a non-political representative of Hunza will play an effective role in a party based political system? If we follow the proposed model, we will soon become political dummies and get further exploited socially and politically. The model was only applicable if the Hunza still would have been an independent state with little interference from outside as was the case before its annexation in 1973; but now the situation is totally different. While proposing any such models, the existing circumstances and future prospects of the entire region of GB should be kept in mind. Hunza cannot survive on its own; it simply cannot afford to stay isolated from other regions of GB. The proposed model assumes as if Hunza is a faraway corner of heaven, which unfortunately is no more the case.

    I think that the civil society can play its role in a number of ways. It has already been playing a magnificent role in socio-economic development of the people. It can also play its role in supporting the continually declining moral values of the people. But ideals of civil society can never be a substitute for the political awareness and activism in a country where political turmoil is part of the daily lives. If a non-political model is followed, then our people will be further ignored politically and will have to pay a huge price in longer run. This will drag us fifty years backwards instead of helping us move fifty years the way forward.

    The answer to the bad politics cannot be de-politicization or no-politics. Rather, the bad politics can only be encountered with even more politics. All the four provinces of Pakistan have mainstream political parties. (PPP-Sindh, PML-Punjab, ANP-KPK, BNP-Baluchistan, MQM-Karachi, GB_???). Why can’t we have a mainstream political party in GB? The time is ripe for such a move. This can only be possible if all the ethnicities of GB join hands to assemble under the banner of a political party representative of all the people of GB. If not now, but sooner this has to happen and is so inevitable for the solidarity of our region. People of Hunza are 98% literate. But someone the other day rightly said that the people of Hunza are 98% politically innocent therefore “illiterate”.

    Common guys, how long can we allow this to happen with ourselves?

  6. Having different political ideologies is not same as being divided. Encourage the much celebrated educated youth of Hunza to get involved in politics and emerge as leaders of not only Hunza-Nagar but also of whole Gilgit-Baltistan. With all due respect, I think you have hit the hammer off the mark. A political generation is the answer, not an apolitical one.

    Severing memberships of political parties at this stage is a knee jerk reaction that is going to cost us in the future. I completely agree with AUB’s statements. There is not much left to say after his comment.

  7. AND I strongly agree with Dr. Alvi too,
    Do NOT attempt to intertwine faith with politics here. Do NOT repeat the same mistake that Pakistan did on a national level.

  8. As long as we remain confined under the dogmatic, ethnic and linguistic blankets, we’ll remain divided and ruled and dragged by the outsiders. We need a pure nationalistic political struggle to unite all BGians to address our long standing issues.
    Development model can be replicated from any religious institution but the political model needs to be carved secularly.
    The day we have a national GB party in the GBLA, only then we’ll be able to guard and address our ‘basic’ and ‘advanced’ rights.
    Yes, it could begin from hunza but not with the ‘spiritual slogan’. Only secular moves please.

  9. Yes Huzukutz are 98% literate, progressive and peace loving but unfortunately it doesn’t help. So when you are in Pakistan do what the Pakistani politicians do!!! Then you would survive and progress, follow your current leaders from central to provincials. Pakistani politics doesn’t care for education, honesty, humanity, and hard work….

  10. GB is not one entity. It is a conglomeration of many linguistic, ethnic and religio-sectarian entities and the respective biases are quite obvious when you move around.Therefore talking of a single platform for the whole GB can only be dreamed off or at the most is a wishful thinking at the moment.For the last 37 years you have been serving the political parties without getting anything in return.Now other people have got so emboldened that they have ventured armed attacks on your villages and your homes which was not even thinkable in the years gone by;and is not even doable in any other region of GB today!!
    So I feel you have more than a wake up call. The speed of events is outpacing the speed at which you are thinking and registering. May be the time is not far when you will be totally outpaced.As far as secular thinking is concerned,only HUNZUKUTZ by way of their tradition and by virtue of the guidance they have at hand, are the most unbiased and accommodative in the whole of GB.The geopolitical importance of GB is so much highlighted because of you. If you still want to follow an OSTRICH policy and do not read the writing on the wall, angels are not coming to your help.And remember your history!! GB owes its liberation to the major contribution by the Hunza battalions of Gilgit scouts. Read the list of Shaheeds in Chinar Bagh!! I would therefore not heed to the prophets of doom. I have full faith in the potential of the Hunzukutz and I would support the views of the BRSO and air cdre(R) Naunehal Shah to make a beginning in Hunza which can then be an example for other regions of GB and the same can be applicable to the whole of GB with the passage of time and that is how you can provide leadership by being pragmatic sticking to your cultural and historical traditions rather than mimicking the agitational politics othe day!!

  11. The comments by DUA is provocative and fall under the extremist ideology to follow the path of evils and end up in failed state.The people of Hunza have tolerance and maturity to take decision keeping the interest of region and country in mind.

  12. Dua’s (not sure real name or pen name and also hard to determine gender) comment is a good food for thought. The last line of his comment says it all. Will you still like to stay part of a system that “cares not for education, honesty, humanity and hard work”? Think about it!!!

    Note: Sice this interaction is an on-line discussion and expression of views, writers are encouraged to come out with real identity please.

  13. I think your moderation is quite one-sided as I have noticed that you have not ventured to keep my last comments in the list!!

    1. Dear Salman Ali

      Can you kindly point out the comment of yours that wasn’t posted here?

      According to our records you have posted three (3) comments on PT on this particular topic since September 1.

      All three are displayed above, including the one in which you have complained.


  14. The idea need intense deliberation by the intellectuals ,politicians and at the grassroots level with the people of the region. I am confident that the progressive youth of the region will continue to play their role in future politics and will continue to be role model in the field of education and Community development for the rest of GB.We will continue to contribute in the development of the regions and will strongly reject the idea of de-politicization of the community. spiritual ideology should not influence the strategies of the region ,otherwise our future will not be different from rest of the country .

  15. Yes. I had to point out because the comments appeared after around 12 hrs.Thank you for posting the comments after my reminder.
    With regards,
    Salman Ali

    1. Dear Salman

      You are entitled to your opinions.

      However, you are requested to look at the timings of your comments above;

      1. First was approved on September 1 at 03:41 PM
      2. Second was approved on September 3, at 03:51 PM
      3. Third (your complaint) was approved on September 3, at 05:05 PM
      4. Fourth (most recent) was approved on September 3, at 05:28 PM

      This proves that your second comment was approved around 75 minutes before your complaint.

      You may have missed to see it above.

      Thanks for participating.

      Looking forward to hear more from you.


  16. I just want to say that we talk more than we do. I have one question but in two folds, from Air Commodore (r) Naunehal Shah saheb. As you are blessed with many opportunities to work on leadership position for years;What was your role from last two years for the jamat of Gojal? Did you apply your leadership role for unity amongst the Ismailis in Hunza and How?

  17. The people of GB belong to different ethnic and linguistic groups. This is also a historical fact that these people have remained hostile to each other and never once have they been able to consolidate themselves. This gave the outsiders a reason to exploit the locals of the region who instead of differences share a common cultural and historical heritage. Even after independence of the region, these local groups pledged for unconditional affiliation with Pakistan. Due to the lack of political judgement, a serious mistake was made when a geographical region equal in size to province of Sindh was given to Pakistan all but unconditionally. What the people of GB got in return is the lifetime destitution from ownership of their own land and refusal of political recognition. We have paid a huge price because of disharmony in the region yet are refusing to learn any good lessons. If we keep on going like this, one day we will be made aliens in our own lands; like the red Indians who instead of their unity, honesty and bravery were wiped out off the face of North America by the outsiders.

    I do agree with a previous poster who mentioned that the political parties of the mainland didn’t do any good to the people of GB and Hunza. The reason is very obvious. The objectives and political agendas of these parties are tailored not to address the needs of the people of GB but to serve their own motives. Therefore, it is even more important and a matter of survival for the people of GB to have their own political voice and to have a common political fabric across the GB. A political party of GB with mandate of its own people is the only answer to the void which the non-local political parties are trying to fill half-heartedly. The ethnic and linguistic diversity of GB should not be an impediment in way of political unification of the region; rather it can serve as strength. The only key challenge in the way of political harmony is the sectarian divide which is deep rooted in the region.

    Religiosity and quest for political identity operate in two separate domains. One can never be a substitute for the other. The psyche of people in GB is highly influenced by the religious sentiment that has created a political rift among the people belonging to different religious sects. In fact there is little space available for a secular and political movement in GB. There is need for developing the understanding that our brothers in faith down the country who share our religious allegiances have badly failed us in getting us out of the political mess. Therefore as sons of the soil, we should go deeper than the abstract universality of religion in recognizing our right to own our land and exist locally. And hence a strong local political voice is inevitable while keeping all the religiosity intact. I repeat again that the people of GB including Hunza can live peacefully only if they prove to be intelligent enough to be social and political animals in addition to being religious beasts.

    Our people are very innocent and docile. They stay ready for sacrifice all the time. The war of independence and all wars fought by Pakistan are marked by sacrifices of men from Hunza and other parts of GB, which is appreciated and highly celebrated. But however, running an indigenous and peaceful political struggle is more challenging than fighting a war in the battle field commanded and orchestrated by others. The time now has come to be shrewd and take stock of our own selves, our land, our rights and our future in order to be able to take on the bigger challenge.

  18. (to the original author)

    I quote from original post: “The success of this initiative is in its inclusiveness.”

    I think success of almost all initiatives is “inclusiveness”. A friend of mine once talked to you and I think he had a very good and practical suggestion for a person of your “royal” stature to think about, but you asked him, “what do you do, kid?”, he said “I am doing BBA, nana”, and you said “First complete your BBA, then suggest me”, with your typical pride in yourself. (that too royal, may be?) You didn’t believe in inclusiveness there did you?

    Anyway, you see, you and some people like you derive authority on wisdom out of offices, ranks, and social statuses. You are less likely to consider a poor man’s wise suggestion and more likely to praise a white collar’s foolish suggestion. You are biased and too authoritative to be acceptable as a leader, at least I am not the one who will be in the crowd that follows you.

    Such a silly comment by Dua gets appreciation from you only because it serves your point. Any sane person knows that what Dua said is just “OK” to the extent of “just saying”, her statements do not survive even a minute of objective analysis.

    I quote you quoting Dua: “Will you still like to stay part of a system that “cares not for education, honesty, humanity and hard work”? Think about it!!!”

    I thought about it. Except that, We are not “part” of it. We are under it. No we wouldn’t be part of such a system. But We would like to change the system from within. It is impractical to erect an alternative competing system in Hunza and expect to be politically compatible or even superior to the rest of country, that is too parochial and is not going take us any farther than where we are now. Hunza, just like rest of GB, is controlled fundamentally from Federal, unless you have a way of getting your person in the Federal set-up, your little Panchayat is not at all of any help.

    Instead of urging the “patriotic and intelligent people of entire Hunza” (I don’t know what is your criteria for one to be partiotic and intelligent: I won’t be surprised if it needs stars on his shoulder, or on his forehead) to shun political involvement, urge the very “patriotic and intelligent people of entire Hunza” to step up to the challenge and take charge.

    Note: My middle name is Iqbal, just making it clear since you are keen on real identities. :).

  19. Dear Ali ,
    For your kind information presently Brig sahib is president of Altit Town Management Society .and we all knows him well .Dont be bias and ask these questions like wht u did for people of Gojal … we all re hunzakutz and i think he is not a political leader to go each and every village and show off his performance. just to remind you we did mistakes in last election and we have to face until this stupid and corrupt govt is there.How they kill our innocent people.

  20. A clarion call by Naunihal Shah (r) Air commodore, for the unity of all Hunza people.The question arise for a peremptory response from the people of Hunza.It is quite well gauged
    about the necessity of unity which is the dire need of time.Nobody can doubt about his
    sincere feelings and earnest suggestions.But it is hard to believe that how this unity
    can be created, and on what grounds the initiative efforts can be made to bring all the
    people of Hunza under the umbrella of a single political leadership?

    Moreover, this is an era of political plularism, and tolerance for the cultural, religious
    diversity, for a peaceful stable society,There is no sense of democracy without recognition
    of the diverse political opinion.The community development net work of health, education
    and trust for culture is on the basis of denomination above the creed and race.

  21. Dear all
    Great discussion you are doing we want same views from the rest of our well educated n mature community of Gb … this is the time we have to shae our ideas n fine a better solution …… before sharing we cannot give the solution or result as salman shared…. but one thing I m going to say is be unite n don’t take things personal or don’t make a person targeted this is the plate form wher we have to share our ideas be blessed hopefully we can find a way to protect hunza n hunzai ppl


  22. I strongly endorse the point of view expressed by Mr.Sajid I.Barcha ,who clearly exposed the hidden agenda of the pseudo elites of the society and plan to grab the power through undemocratic means and are strong proponent of de- politicization of society. They wants to be the champions of religious flag barrier with promise of utopian spiritual revolution.
    I also support the feeling of Shamim Ali, she exposed the callus attitude of the society in general and community in particular to support the people of Gojal valley.

  23. I would like to appreciate the sincere feelings/appeal of the writer of the letter for unity of the people of Hunza. This letter has initiated a good discussion which indicate that the people of Hunza want to be engaged in responding their collective issues. The text of letter raises some questions which i want to reflect on.

    Firstly, it seems that before the commencement of political parties there were no difference of opinion in Hunza. As if people were living in a ideal situation without any problem. In my opinion there were more problems then now but either the people were oppressed or they were less aware about their rights to express. Therefore, we cannot bring forth any example of the past for the present or future. Hence we have to move towards a changed more just society keeping in view the contemporary political,social and economic trends.

    Secondly, avoiding the political difference is not the solution to the issues, rather we have to encourage the political process that leads toward merit . If the the people of Hunza are educated then why they consider clans, area and other elements ignoring the merit or quality. In Hunza, even our general conversation even starts with “Kuhz”. I think we are literate but not educated politically. To educate ourselves, we need more enabling political process based on knowledge.

    Thirdly, a single organization created by elites cannot alone educate the people politically or solves the socio-political issues, rather social and political education being part of our general education and society should be at the grassroots level.

    In short, we should not be afraid of differences. We have learn to live with difference of opinions, views or ideas if we want to develop democratic values in our society. Through the process of setting higher political standards and encouraging the diverse opinions can leads towards political refinement.

  24. Baltit/Karimabad Trust for Culture can be an effective plate form to create confidence and for bridge building through cultural activities with in Hunza as well as with the sister communities in Gilgit:Baltistan.The community institution can also play a significant role by bringing back the halcyon days of the past in Hunza by creating unity and confidence in different ethnics.It is harcking back as worth remembering time in 1960 for holy Didar the jammat came in Hunza and spent under the one roof houses with hosts like one family.

    The culture of Hunza is a component of different languages,cultures, ethnics, should be given equally representation for displaying the stories of their heroes and traditions in Baltit and Altit forts of AKTC .The unity and confidence can be created by mutual respect for the different culture and traditions, political views like,in the civilized society of multicultures.One can not integrate or intrude other cultures and political views in your own culltural ,values;

    “The Diversity is a strength and a force not a weakness and feeble” whatever in its form,
    politics, culture, linguistic, and tolerance is essential for peaceful society..It is not pragmatic to ponder to bring all Hunza people politically under the banner of Baltit;Trust for culture.

  25. Over the past we the people living the isolated area from the State Pakistan . But center of many Nation if we look at the Map from different angle due to many reason, one that I have in mind is Why China need to have a road which cost him a lot and still ready to invest more…..?????
    I only Have one Question to all the intellectual of Hunza , What are we discussing about what UNITY. To be unified it need to have a reason (to be one on a point or issue) for example Religion, Ethnicity, Language mainly and many other points’ base. We have many difficulties in order to be united on these points. We all know what the reasons are.
    Second, example of Baltistan (to me it’s insane) to comparer a one language and mostly one religion society with a multi-lingual Hunza
    Next one simple Question to Honorable Air Commodore, how come you have relished the need for unity at this stage of your life, when you have achieved all you goals in life and fulfilled all the desires as one of the most successful office in the establishment which has unable to provide the people of your area ID, international they are not considered as Pakistanis (if I’m not wrong) still part of area which is still to be decided, regardless of our Independences from Dogra or etc.
    Last but not least at the bottom of you letter you have mentioned you Name as Air Commodore (r) Naunehal Shah. And you are talking about the life and development of the low class people. How can one still flying so high and can see, feel and work for the people in great oppression and depression, when he is unable and not read to mix in the society. Well If to be successful in a society and specially if to lead Human you have to be one and one of them and understand what they require. If one was good in managing or had a good understanding of machines must have gained the art to manage people.
    May be History is revived in different line, but we are the same.

  26. Mr. Noor Khan you rightly pointed out at the very outset that ‘Hunza is united’! Yes, we are united. We are united in our love for Hunzo. Now, how this translates into bringing us together to achieve our political objectives is a process which will surely need leadership and tremendous work. Past few years have changed much in our beloved Hunzo and we need a lot of generosity, humility and perceptiveness if we want to honestly work for our selves. Mowlana Sultan Muhammad Shah in his felicitation message to the government of Pakistan at its birth on Aug 24th 1947 said ‘….we must work for a better world and be no more hypnotized by the dead glories of the distant past or the misfortunes of the near past.’
    This is as important for us now as it was in 1947. History should never become a burden to be carried into the future. One must let go of baggage and work together.

    It is also immensely important that women come forward, this should not just remain a slogan but must become a reality. We have seen and continue to see the face of the world when women are kept away from the decision making process. WO’s should be actively sought for their recommendations and advice and young, capable ladies should volunteer their time and energies for this cause.

    Party system is not a system given by God, it is not working for us in Hunzo, furthermore it is dividing us. I say labaik!

  27. Ladies n gentlemen great views comings from you people. One thing I am trying to say is that its better to day we did this n that for the benefit of our people of hunza every individual is a precious asset of hunza whether hez a farmer or an officer we hunzai people give respect to all so don’t forget this thing while discussion…. we don’t want the discussion for the sake of discussion we want some output some opinions that what we can do… come out with some decissions and through mutual understanding we can go further…. we hunza people are very proud to to being respectfull to each other n to remain the same tradition we will fight for our right god bless you all

  28. @Qudsia,

    We the people of Hunza are united, so much so that we have become like a leather ball and getting kicked here and there yet we crave for more of it. For God sack stop this sloganeering and let the hunzokuts breath the fresh air of free thinking.

    People of hunza want emancipation from the clutches of the so called civil society that has become a control freak in its own right. You call it the unity? It is the worst kind of dictatorship controlled by few freaks on the top. Down the heirarchy, the mindless people are expected only to nod and to say “Yes” to whatever it comes from above. The test of the so called civil society is to bring to justice the culprits who have mudered two innocent people in a recent incident.

    The prevalent disaparity and disharmony in Hunza has grown out of this so called unity that is hallow and sufocating from inside. Politics has been made an orphan in Hunza as well as in GB that is made to play in hands of political Eunuchs. Still we never get tired of making pompous claims to achieve political goals with spineless and irrelevant efforts.

    Only the genuine political ideals based on liberty and respect for human life and free thinking can guarantee us a better future. We ofcourse need a system not made by God but by ourselves; a political system that allows us to learn from our own mistakes and move forward. This never has to be a divine mission and all we need is a drastic change of mind set to get out of our troves and to face the bitter realities on the ground.

  29. Brilliant! I followed with interest the wise and inspiring comments from a good number of my fellow Hunzukutz – male and female, old and young. I am impressed and I thank you all.
    First of all, let me clarify that I do not wish to lay claim on the original idea which comes from Baltit Rural Support Organisation and appears as link (in blue) in my comment. I have only offered my views as a comment, not different from what you all have. Having said that I do not retract from my support to the motion for the reasons explained hereunder:

    • A number of the learned participants of the discussion have expressed concern for the concept to be religion based and thus feared of it being radical. Well, yes and no; yes to the extent that His Highness the Aga Khan is promoting civil society role the world over for bringing about better governance through a process participated by the communities. No because the concept is not restricted or limited to the Ismaili Muslims or to Hunza alone. Hunza has the advantage of having access to this guidance and also is looked up to by the people in the region for its educational, and by default, intellectual lead. The proposed concept suggests discussing the viability of opting for this process as an alternative to the present flawed political system.

    • And remember the Ismaili Imams have guided nations, communities and leaders through the ages and it is not a new phenomenon. I am sure most of you know, in Pakistan itself, leaders acknowledging consulting the Imam in matters of governance and development.

    • The proposed concept, from my understanding, is not non-political. It is only that the political process is refined and improved and it is an effort to elect our representatives without driving wedges among friends and families, which we all are; or once were. Take a lead in establishing this model and if communities in other regions of GB find this to suit their situations, we should be happy to assist them in replicating.

    • But for now, we are only suggesting an open discussion on the issue and obviously will only be adopted if a consensus is built. Do not discard the idea just because this asks for a shift in status-quo.

    • My last request, very humbly, discuss the issue and not families or individuals. If the majority does not like the idea it will automatically be dropped. But for now, the hits for like are 38 and dislike 12. What does the politics or democracy say???
    I once again sincerely appreciate your participation, especially by some of the professionals whose time is more precious.

  30. @ respectful one of the shining star of hunza mr. Naunehal sahab your views are very clear to me as I also read your previous coment as well the recent one personally I do agree with you. We are talking about unity n demicracy ‘ If for a while we think with cool minded we look everything upside down I am not going to blame the public but that’s the environment and the society especially the government. People are frustrated and even good thing seems to be wired. In such stressful time we need to think in cool minded n listen others that might be an educated person or an uneducated wise community member .. hope more people will join us and we could be able to do something for our beloved homeland wishes
    Farzana USA

  31. What leadership is Mr Naunehal talking about.The one that divides people on the basis of religion or ethnicity or is he talking about leaders who sell their identity for power,money or position. I only remember few names like Dr Sher Zaman, Ghulam Muhammad Baig and some young activist when I think of some positive change in the past or positive revolution in future.The rest of our leaders have divided and ruled us and targeted our scholars.they are responsible for damaging our faith as well as our culture.

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