Illegal Ibex hunting in Khunjerav National Park

Sost, October 09: Chinese border security officials, allegedly, have illegally hunted an Ibex in the Khunjerav National Park, inside the border of Pakistan.

According to reports reaching through different sources, the Ibex was hunted at a place called Kuksil, located inside the KNP. Officials of Wildlife and forest deputed in the region have said that the hunted Ibex has been recovered from the Chinese security officials. Representatives of WWF are also expected to visit the KNP to assess the situation and determine the violation of laws.

Only Trophy Hunting is allowed in the Khunjerav National Park, which can be availed through special permission the concerned authorities by payment of a fixed amount of money.

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One Comment

  1. This is Weakness of the Mangement of Khunjrav Village Organization(KVO), why they dont watch such kind of illlegal Hunting at KNP Area?
    For More Inforamtion Hunting season will start (Its Start October to Mid December).

    Best Wishes

    Farhat Ullah Baig

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