Through elections you show it to the world that people are behind you but not through Face Book. Nawaz Naji

By Noor Akber

Karachi November 21. Gilgit-Baltistan like that of Jammu & Kashmir is a controversial territory. It is neither part of Kashmir nor part of Pakistan, this was said by Supreme leader BNF Nawaz Khan Naji while addressing a seminar held by BNSO Sindh zone in Karachi.

He said, “We would prefer to go with Kashmiris towards a confederation rather than acceding to Pakistan or India. But we can dialogue with them with no compromise on our national integrity and solidarity.’’

The nationalist leader who contested elections last year in an answer to a question said, “We recognize present GB assembly as a weak assembly of people of Gilgit-Baltistan and it was necessary to take part in elections to show it to the world that people are behind us.” He further said that one can’t show the number of people behind him through Face Book, for that one has to contest elections.

He maintained that an independent Balawaristan is BNF’s first and foremost priority. For that we can’t resort to violence rather we will opt for peaceful protest, processions etc.

Terming fundamentalism as the main challenge for BNF and enemy of the people of GB Naji said, “Imperialist forces with their local cronies have been using religion as a tool to divide our people as part of the great game. And it is also used as a tool for membership of GB assembly by local politicians.

Today big powers like America and other western countries have political & strategic interest in GB and recent the reservations in western media over so called China presence in the region is an evidence of it, said Naji.

More over Advocate Salim and advocate Nasir with their other fellows announced to join BNF and pledged their full support to Naji.

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  1. Mr Naji I salute you for your courage that you are blatantly facing the opponents.But before going to claim that you have been misreated.Do you think that all the people of GB will be of the same opinion?I think you will have to first eradicate the curse of secterian violence,regionlism and also to develope complete consencus on nomenclature about the name of the region.Simply I would like to say that your comments and actions are premature.

  2. if gilgit people voted for gb rename, then this bnf is false. so basically, gilgit people wanted gilgit baltistan free from kashmir merger. why tie its fate when freed from dogra. pakhtuns also renamed kp and complete union with pakistan instead of nationalist struggle. the people have stated their aspiration not their nationalist struggle for pakthunistan or bwalarstan. both of these solutions are passed with rename, i guess nationalists missed the oppurtunity against the majority’s wish on rename.

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