Academic worth of content shared on Pamir Times

PAMIR TIMES has been able to attract renowned scholars from different parts of the world by posting relevant and factual information about the situation created by the mega landslide and lake formation in Hunza – Gojal. 

It is encouraging for us, members of the team, that we were able to move towards realization of one of the objectives of our blog, i.e. “to bring information related to the region’s unique cultural, natural and social heritage into the global knowledge mainstream”.

 Some of these scholars/experts, alphabetically, are:

  1. David Petley
  2. John Mock 
  3. Kenneth Hewitt
  4. Kimberley O’Neil
  5. Richard Hughes

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  1. Congratulation PT for being a unique Web News from the north. Hats for you people, For ur hard work…

  2. The entire PT team members deserve rich tributes from the literate groups of Gojal in particular. Hope PT will keep up with the unique tradition that it has established in web journalism.

    We wish the PT the best of all.

  3. Indeed it is a great achievement for PT. The attraction of scholars, experts and influential persons is the result of the tireless efforts by the entire team of PT and its quality. I hope these scholars and experts will share their expertise and suggestion regarding their related subjects on the blog.
    I congratulate the team for the success and hard work and wish them best of luck.

  4. Its all about the consistency, hardwork, passion and wellingness of the team, All of you have done great job, May Allmighty Bless you all happiness, good health, And give you the courage to contribute for the betterment of the scoiety at large. PT has now become an essential way of information sharing and discussion blog for the people of Gojal, Hunza in particular and to the people of GB and worldwide. There is need of time , develop such mechanism that can help you to publish authentic news/info on the web and publish comments regarding any personality/news of authentic users (avoid bogus/fake names). Hope that Pamir times team will work with high standars and consistently.

  5. Congrates Zulfiqar Noor and All Associated Guys PT Time for Your Fabulous Work…

    Didar Karim Bari
    Professional Development Facilitator
    Admin Incharge MIED Chakwal

  6. Congratulations PT team, sharing of academic worth content by the world renowned scholars/experts is the recognition of your dedication and tireless efforts in web journalism, keep it up.

  7. another ticking manuover by PT in d march of excellence.CONGRATULATIONS..PT iz sole platform in dissiminatind education de knowledge in d region….

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