Releasing water from the lake shall be first priority: Kamil Jan

by Noor

Islamabad, January 14: “The people of Attabad are happy about the relief being provided to them by the government, local communities and the non – governmental organizations”, said the MQM leader Kamil Jan, in a telephonic interview with Pamir Times. Kamil Jan is currently visiting the area.

“On instructions of Quaid-e-Tehreek, Altaf Hussain, I have brought and distributed relief goods, including life saving drugs”, he further said. According to reports relief goods worth 8 million have been donated by MQM and the Sindh Government for rehabilitation of the people displaced by Attabad disaster.

Kamil Jan further said that first priority of government shall be releasing water from the lake formed on Hunza river, because prolonging it would only help deterioration of the existing situation.

He endorsed the idea of opening Sino – Pak border for transport of goods from China. “It is being said that a round trip on one helicopter costs up to 1 million rupees. Now if a chopper airlifts goods to Gojal, say for instance 15 bags of flour, the cost per unit is really high and not feasible”, he analyzed. “A better option is to dump goods at Passu, Gojal, through C – 130 planes”, he suggested.

He called for united efforts to normalize the situation in Hunza valley. “This is not the right time for political point scoring and we all need to work hard to reduce suffering at all levels”, he said.

Kamil also said that higher cost of relief works would have negative impact on the development budget of Hunza valley. “They have given us [Hunza] two seats, but if they try to finance the relief operations from development budget, the entire region would suffer”, he projected.

He demanded immediate action regarding deployment of a government surgeon at the civil hospital, Gulmit. “While the choppers airlift patients during the day, patients are left at the mercy of luck during the night time”, he said. “It is highly important that the chief minister shall immediately fulfill his promise of appointing a general surgeon in the region”, he stressed.

Answering to another question he complained that Pamir Times did not write even a single good thing about him during the election campaign. He, however, appreciated the role of Pamir Times in raising general awareness in the region and stressed on the need for professional approach towards journalism.

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  1. honestly n broadly speaking that kamil jan is the real hero of hunza as he fulfilled his promises after election and now see the goods donated which worths 8 million by mqm is all done by kamil jan and he has got the right to say that pamir times hav not done good 4 kamil. one information i wana add is at the very first day of the landslide of ataabad mr speaker wazir baig dropped two bus full of police at the peaceful land HUNZA who were having sticks in their hand n i cant understand tht y he did this instead of dropping releif goods. As the public of hunza is enoough educated should decied wht to do belonging to different school of thoughts. at last but not least i would like to thank all the boy scouts, voluntieer,ISO, ismaili intitutiions, red cresent, pak army n all those indivisul who served thier services at these days

  2. Well done Kamil Jan & MQM,

    Action speaks louder than words!!!! Keep helping masses, forget election, our aim is reaching the poorest of the poor and help those in need. You set a new trend!!!

    It is a difficult time for people of Salmanabad & Atta Abad in particular & people of Hunza in General. Nobody should try to get political milage. Help with open heart! It is no doubt more than ibadad.

    Bravo Kamil Bhai!!!!!

  3. Its time for all of us to help the people affected by natural distaster, no playing politics here please. At least in this situation we all should act as human beings. Yes, we are always grateful for help from any source, but where are these do-gooders at other times? Are they regularly helping our people to better their lives – or is it just now when they can get the media attention? Please just lock the politics in the box for now and just get on with the relief effort.

  4. Indeed, Kamil Jan, has doneA GREAT JOB being the SON of Hunza, it,s a time to rehabilitate / help the victoms of the disaster, some times disasters/large scale incidents oppurtunities to the nation, if the Govt. go with the optionS of making an air strip in Passu and operating flights from PASSU TO CHINA, are great options,

  5. Not only Kamil Jan but his whole family has got a fantastic track record of helping the helpless people of the area. I, being a worker of PPP, appreciate Kamil’s efforts and hope that at this crucial time he will continue his support to the community. to the rest of our friends, Please No Politics as the rising water level wont differentiate between the voters but like a slow poision will destroy every one stranded in the upper Hunza valley. Many thanks Kamil Kaa’ku

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