IDPs of Gojal enraged, GB Government sits on rehabilitation funds

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Gulmit, March 26: Victims of the dammed Hunza River in Gojal Valley have expressed disappointment and resentment over undue delays in release of rehabilitation funds provided by the federal government.

“Wazir Baig came to Gulmit and asked us to show patience”, Afsar Jan, who has been living at a relative’s house for around one year, told Pamir Times on phone.

“Instead of resolving our issues he (GBLA speaker) created new issues by announcing to use funds allocated for a “cash-for-work” project to pay for IDPs’ house-rent”, Afsar further said.

Afsar is an active member of the IDPs Committee. He said that the federal government has been kept around 320 million rupees in a bank account for around one year, while problems of the IDPs are increasing with every passing day.

In the meanwhile, Wazir Baig has told a local newspaper that the funds are being release “soon”. It is pertinent to note that for more than one year people displaced from their houses have been living at their relatives’ houses, living off relief items provided by the Chinese government and WFP.

The IDPs have been demanding quick release of the funds so that they are able to start rebuilding their houses and vacate their relatives’ properties.

It is high time for the leaders and bureaucrats to shun the delaying tactics and help the people in need overcome the tough situation.

One fails to understand why the government has been delaying the release of funds because the people are suffering immensely for more than 15 months.

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