[PT Election Cell] Kaira in Hunza

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HUNZA, November 11: Interim governor of Gilgit – Baltistan, also the federal minister for information, Qamar Zaman Kaira landed in Karimabad, Hunza at around 1 O’ clock, afternoon. According to sources he is there to overview the polling process tomorrow.

Polling would start tomorrow at 9 in the morning and would continue without break till five in the evening.

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  1. for clarification he visited there not to check the election process but how to make get something from that process(distributing Income support cards and distributing money) and to assign the tasks to jayalas for elections rigging.

  2. Pakistan. the only country who play dirty game with the world from 60 years and now there is no players with them to play lies Pakistan made bad relation with Iran Afghanistan mad central Asia and India Arab there is the only country china the Pakistanis are thinking about some think better but in my way of thinking China is the most worset country in the world ,,, china is thinking only themselves not Pakistan ..
    Gilgit Baltistan is the only Hope for Pakistan because From Indus to The Karakorum Highway not the people of Gilgit Baltistan

  3. Kaira’s visit is not for a good purpose. Instead its an initiation of rigging in Hunza. This is an era of Democratic dictatorship and any thing can be expected from this party against the wishes and dreams of the people of Hunza. We wish him a bad luck for PPP’s defeat in Hunza.

  4. this is what only for the election night he is there just to show his presence to make voters fool as a governor of GTB to win a party election. he must announce the 2nd seat for Hunza.

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