Jiyalas in Ghizer District accused of using Watan Cards as tools for increasing membership

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Islamabad, November 27: PPP has been accused of manipulating the impoverished and disaster hit people in Ghizer District. According to reports the Watan Cards, an income support program, is being used as a bribe to make new members.

PPP workers, reportedly, collect Computerized National Identity Cards of the impoverished people, specially women and elderly citizens, and fill membership forms without consent of the people. In many cases the Jiyalas have been accused of promising faster delivery of Watan Cards if the people agree to fill party membership forms.

Political and social activists have demanded an inquiry into the accusation to ensure transparent usage of the Watan Cards scheme.

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  1. Its quite obvious that if a party is not having strong leadership then for thier existance they will have to adopt such hineous means.But now there is no way out for them to be back from the brink.The masses have already witinessed plundering and crruption at record level.So the jiyalas must be ready to face the music.

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