Hunger strike for Gojal – Hunza continues in Karachi

Senior citizens of Gojal valley joined the youth in the token hunger strike. Photo by Zafar Bari

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  1. Merhaba uncle Mohammad Ghafi from Hussaini and Mohammad Rehim from Gulmit, really government is helpless to save the people lives and their properties.

    GOD bless all of us.

  2. The elders from gojal are side by side with the youth of gojal and we are proud of gojal from this disaster and show your support to each other in this miserable circumstances..

  3. We salute Mr. Muhammad Rahim and Muhammad Ghafi for their contribution for the cause of People of Gilgit-Baltistan and Pakistan. This lake God forbid if brust will cause great loss to the region and the country. So we urge the govt to expedite the excuation work and also provide relief for the affected people of Gojal (upper Hunza)

  4. Batoon se kabi bath bani hai na bany gi
    Utthay hai mujahid to badal jati hai takdeer

    A raily must be arranged from GOJAL to GILGIT to wake up the sleepy govt other wise it doesn’t seems any change in govt behavior

    All the people of GOJAL around the world must take the responsibility to contrbute for the arrangment.

    Piyar Ali

  5. Saad Ofareen zhu shireen Gojal lai Buzurgh vair k yaaav bai wodg du zang umran khu mairzeegh dosith kaithk k tru Maarkaav niyaisk…… wuz k sumar saav shobosh saram kumii!!!!!

  6. i appreciate that but that the only the hard time where we all north people have to unite and struggle for awake the sleepy govt by force.

  7. thank you our elders my salute goes to both of you , we know that you have strong feelings and love for your mother land which we have lost last year. It is a lesson for the youth to be patriot not opportunist and honestly work for the aggrieved people of Gojal they lost their houses, fields, gardens and all properties which was not made in one day.The educated persons, social workers, volunteers, and country lovers are requested to come together and work for the rebuilt of Gojal.

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