[PT Election Cell] GBLA Election Updates


Total number of voters 714000 +

Total number of polling stations 989

Largest constituency LA 2 (Gilgit) – 62, 048 registered voters

Total number of general seats 24

Total number of special seats 10



· Muhamamd Saleem Khan, PML (N) candidate from Astore, has said that he would gift the seat of Astore to Mian Nawaz Sharif after winning in his constituency


· “In Diamer district, as is said the tradition, candidates would buy decisive chunk of votes besides using the ‘racial’ lines which plays major role in the elections. There are four constituencies in Diamer but position of the candidates would be clear only on the polling day”. [Farooq Ahmed – DAWN]


· Colonel (retd) Karim Shah has said that those who consider seats of Ghizar their ancestral property would have to hide faces, very soon. He said that people of Ghizar want change. He was addressing a public gathering in Gahkuch, capital of Ghizar district


· Political processions and rallies in Gharhi Bagh banned ahead of GBLA election by the deputy commissioner of Gilgit district. The decision is based on security concerns. Nawaz Sharif is expected to address supporters in City Park, an alternate venue

· PPP issues show cause notices to party members for contesting election as independent candidates. In a letter sent by Hussain Ali Rana, in charge of election cell, the candidates have been asked to give explanation at their earliest or else face disciplinary action

· 12 November’s sun would herald an era of change, said Haji Hassan, MQM candidate, while addressing an election rally here in Gilgit city

· People of Yaadgar Muhallah express confidence in Hafiz Hafeez ur Rehman, PML (N) ticket holder

· Electioneering reaches at peak in Danyore town as candidats engage the public in corner meetings, rallies, processions and door – to – door meetings


· Two separate delegations of PML (Q) are visiting different parts of Gojal to win votes for their candidate, Rehmatullah Baig. They toured Khudabad and Misgar, among others

· A 20 member strong delegation of All Hunza Action Committee, which has no member from Gojal, is visiting different parts of Gojal to convince people and get votes for Noor Muhamamd

· MQM candidate Kamil Jan visited Ganish and Murtazabad – Hunza along with Sufian Yousuf. People of the two villages assured Kamil of their support, according to a report. Sufian Yousuf told the public that MQM would raise voice for the rights of Hunza valley in the assemblies

· Muhammad Ali Sheikh and Javed Hussain visited Chaprote – Nagar as part of their election campaign efforts


· Syed Mehdi Shah opened election campaign offices in different parts of Skardu, including Clifton Bridge and Chormak


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  1. dear PT cell members,
    if u dont mind u should be quite neutral ,so this is my humble request to you plz publish all the news from hunza ,,i mean political activities of all parties not only about kamil jan MQM plz .

  2. Abe ain ho ya jo be ho mera bhai hi hoga lakin ye to saf waza ki MQM hi bazi jete ga.JUSt look at his 14 point menifesto and than realize. as wazir baig say if I win the election I will give the seat of tecnocrat or woman seat to hunza but uptil now he dont knows that instead of additional seat government has already provided hunza the Woman seat

  3. sayeed point to be noted,,,,,,,,

    again PT has to be neutral………………? Make it 99% Neutral???News Thanks

  4. We need the real leader of MQM( kamil jan hunza gojal ki jan ) , it is fact that MQM is not working in sence of wealth they are only working for development of nation , we should support for Kamil jan he is a new one , being a masses its our right to give chance , hope he will elect as a good leader , infact he will ,inshallah

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