"NASA-KU" announces new cabinet

Northern Area Students Association (NASA) organized a welcome party for the new students of Gilgit- Baltistan at Karachi University. Oath taking ceremony of the new cabinet of (NASA-KU) was also held. Former Hon Secretary Mr. Qurban Hussain announced names of the new cabinet members, such as; President Mr. Izhar Ali,  Vice Presiden: Mr. Khalid Akther,  Hon Secretary Mr. Nasir Ali Alvi, Finance Mr. Sohail Ahmed & Shahid Ali, Admin In charge Mr. Didar Ahmed Arbab, Media Person Mr. Safdar Ali Shah, In – charge Science faculty, Shahid Ali Danyori and Art in charge Mansoor Ahmad.   The new cabinet has been selected for one year. By Didar Ahmed Arbab

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  1. All bys and calling themselves a cobinet
    There are so many girls in the university why are they not part of it

  2. What a joke.
    I am also belongs from Gilgit-Baltistan learning at KArachi university from one and half year. i think there are more than 1000 students belongs from G-B but here your are not more than 20 people, we dont know about any NASA first time i have got to knowledge about NASA throug pamirtimes. we know there is BNSO and BSF belongs from G-B. please donot fool the simple people of G-B for your own benefits.

  3. Congratulation New cabinet.
    Please now change the name of this organization because now it is GILGIT-BALTISTAN

  4. congrats to all newly appointed cabinate members .
    i hop that u guyz will once again bring NASA to the same place where our elder had it in the begging when i first arrived in Karachi we had altos of program related to entertainment and educational by NASA but in between it was alittle bit slow so… hope you guy z will take it higher .
    best of luck to all of you.

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