6200 Cusecs water discharge recorded near Sarat Bridge

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Islamabad, June 16: Water level in the Hunza Lake has remained steady during the past two days because of increase in cumulative discharge through the spillway and seepages.

According to sources monitoring the lake around 6200 Cusecs of water discharge was recorded at the Sarat Bridge.

The water inflow has been reported at around 6300 Cusecs.

The spillway is widening slowly due to erosion of the sides but no erosion can be seen taking place in middle of the spillway due to presence of boulders.

Boat service from the lake barrier near Attabad to Shishkat, Gulmit and villages further upstream has also been resumed to facilitate traders who want to participate the Kashghar Trade Fair. According to sources privy to the chief secretary office the boat service will be tested for a couple of days before making a decision regarding making the option available for general public.

The boats will be used for transportation of goods only, till further decision.

In the meanwhile boulders kept falling off the remaining part of Attabad throwing clouds of dust in the air. The boulder falls, however, did not have any impact on stability of the lake barrier.

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  1. Who determined this: “The boulder falls, however, did not have any impact on stability of the lake barrier.”

    Are we 100% sure that the boulders didn’t fortify the dam, or somehow detract from its structural stability?

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