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Khunjrav – Karachi peace walk

by Farman Karim Baig

Gilgit, September 12: Asghar Ali Rumi and Ejaz Ali Rumi would be making history soon if they are successful in attaining what they have planned. They PEACE Walkare planning to walk for peace from Khunjrav (Sino – Pak border) to Karachi, literary from one end of Pakistan to another.  Both belong to the border town of Sost, in Gojal, Hunza.

Ejaz and Asghar are young students who are not happy with the state of world peace and want to create awareness by walking for thousands of kilometers, a journey that could take months to complete.

Whether they are prepared and equipped  for getting what they want is still ambigous. With support from concerned organizations and the government the enthusiasm and determination of these young people can inspire millions for the times to come.

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  1. It will be a memorable incident and i appreciate these two young guys for their meaning full mission.. wish u good luck for your journey…

  2. A thousand mile journey starts with a first step and you are lucky to have decided to take that historic first step.May God bless your every step with peace and harmoney – Ameen. Our beloved country is in the grip of violence and terrorism, your endavour will surely play a positive role spreading the message of peace and love across the country. Peace is future of this country and everyone should contribute. Well done boys -stay the course.

  3. Bravo! For noble cause – Peace, Aejaz & Asghar have taken step, I pray for your success and hope with determination you will acquire what you desire for. God bless you.

  4. Great cause, remember a drop of water starts its journey from the peak of mountain and becomes an ocean at the end. I am sure and pray that you will make a histroy for this cause. The cause which is very much needed to be planted in our country this time. I hope that your this effort gets due attention from each and every concious person of this country.

  5. Good idea and step for good cause guys, really appreciate that. Go on, it will be a history walking from one end to another end of Pakistan……….. Cheerssssssssssssss.

  6. They will Start peace walk on 1st October,2009….. so the First Step will start on 1st Oct, Let see what will go on???????

  7. Good boys keep it up we all praying for your success to complete this mission.
    After Muzaffarbaijan from ghulkin he came from Gojal to Rawalpindi for this peace mission by his bicycle .

  8. “Some people have a hard time explaining your telant and roll. I don’t think that anyone can really explain telant and roll. Maybe Pete Townsend, but, that’s okay. telant and roll is a lifestyle, and a way of thinking. And it’s not about money and popularity, although, some money would be nice. But it’s a voice that says, understand me.” And one of these people is gonna save the world.
    aslam pervaz karachiiiiii

  9. Dear Comrades of Gojal
    It has been a place of revolution, and peaceful campaigning, we have been in the dark age according to many writers and individuals, ruled by invaders with by words , just on the bases of norms and created self fears.
    It time to prove that concept of silences prove wrong. Muzafer (Gulkin) took the first step. You two be the second. Many will appose you and reject, because it does not means any thing concert but rather a noble feeling and massage which will root in for longer time to come.
    We are the son of, Sufi Bouy, a borne Sufi’s, with the inherent concept of Peace and harmony, which we have possessed for centuries, it now the time to spread the notion to others, of freedom and Humanity.
    One tip for the trip, plan, and set you targets , according to the situation, prepare your trip, contact what ever sources that you can, any where that you can get to.
    Make your self visible to everyone, and just take the first step.
    Best and best of luck for the rest of the project.

  10. Dear Ejaz and Asghar,
    I an see that almost all of the people who have commented on the news of your peace walk have encouraged you to carry your journey. I am a bit worried and concerned about your health and security. You know well that Pakistan is not any more a secure country any thing can happen any time. I would humbly suggest that do something else instead of this walk. You need to think another means of expressing yourselves and conveying your message.

    M. Khaliq

  11. …Would be a memorable adventurous event. It is important to take all the risk measures before departure as Khaliq advised. It would be great idea to keep the government informed via Pakistan sports board. In this way you will get more exposure, assistance and media coverage… Gilgit local government can assist you.
    God bless you!!! have safe journey

  12. wow! wat a nice idea u hav got budiez itz wonderful just kareeee on…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i pray u wil b suxsesful in it.

  13. its a high spirit n very intresting ,hopeful ,guidful,………………inshallah will be successfuly achev by two high spirit persons ,Ajaz Romi n Arif Romi . Wish u best of luck n lot of prayers for yor success.go on……………………………………………………………………

  14. Its a challeging task guys. we are with u………….. We Gojali face every challenge. Determination and strugle is source of power. We R with U. Best of luck.

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