Gilgit - Baltistan

Gilgit-Baltistan cabinet calls on President Mamnoon Hussain

A delegation of Cabinet members of Gilgit Baltistan led by its Chief Minister Syed Mehdi Shah called on President Mamnoon Hussain at the Aiwan-e-Sadr, Islamabad on January 8, 2014.
ISLAMABAD, Jan 8 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain on Wednesday said the federal government accords high priority to the development of Gilgit-Baltistan and assured that all possible steps would be taken for the wellbeing of the people of Gilgit- Baltistan. The President expressed these views in a meeting with the delegation  of cabinet members of Gilgit-Baltistan led by its Chief Minister Syed Mehdi Shah at the Aiwan-e-Sadr here.Overall situation in Gilgit-Baltistan came under discussion during the meeting.The Chief Minister Gilgit-Baltistan briefed the President about developmental activities in Gilgit-Baltistan and the various steps being taken for the welfare and uplift of the people of the area.
The delegation appreciated the keen interest of the President in development of Gilgit-Baltistan and lauded the various measures being undertaken by the federal government for the development of the northern a rea.
The delegation included Muhammad Jafar, Muhammad Ali Akhtar, Dr. Ali Madad Sher, Muhammad Ismail, Bashir Ahmad Khan, Haji Gulbar Khan, Muhammad Naseer Khan, Raja Muhammad Azam Khan, Deedar Ali, Sheikh Nisar Hussain, Aftab Haider and Muhammad Ali Yougvi.
Muhammad Barjees Tahir, Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan was also present during the meeting.

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  1. GB doctors are on strike 2011 the then prime minister Gilani announced a special package for health personnel known as federal health package. he also announced establishment of medical college i GB in 2008 before council elections in GB.till now none of these promises fulfilled.the health sector of GB is the most neglected area where a large needed to be done.being the hardest area of Pakistan the people working in in all departments deserve special incentive packages.Can any body believe that 2 million people of GB don’t have a CT scan and MRI facility.poor patients have to rush to down country for minor ailments.Government of GB is run by bureaucrats from down country who are enjoying all the privileges and spend most of their time in China.Current political leaders are mostly thaikadars and are interested in kick backs only.i think it is the need of the hour for drastic changes and young politicians with vision and courage should come forward.

  2. Dummy Assembly and chief minister when will you start
    raising voice for the constitutional rights?

  3. Gbians had many expectations with new set up that they would
    set a noble example of governance where every common man feel relief regarding
    all service delivery. But all these expectations and hopes were dashed by new
    set up. We would do say that only 5 to 10 % political leaders were witnessed
    raising voice against corruption and arguing in favour of GB. Remaining was
    found to engage in dealings with corrupt element and agents who were collecting
    money for corrupt figure heads of down country. Consequently all honorable professionals
    have to come on road like teachers and doctor for demand of their legal rights.

    Today I was shocked after reading the heading in the news
    paper that provincial Government of GB has made agreement with federal
    government to eliminate corruption in GB . It means that the GB political
    leadership confessed that these four years they have spent in bad governance
    and corruption. Today they are realizing and making agreement of its
    elimination. My question would be that who will compensate this loss of four
    years of GB nation who compromised on the cost of the future generation. My
    suggestion with all such leaders not figure heads would be that they should
    refund the illegal income in the treasury of nation and seek apologize from
    nation on bad governance as you have confessed through agreement and hurtled
    the GB nation adversely. This is lesson learning for forthcoming leaders as

    To meet with president or prime minister is a good thing but
    the question is that to what extent they are successful to implement
    announcements as formerly had made.

    If the present Chief Secretary and his team would have not
    taken the bold step against these corrupt elements so far GB have might sold in
    the hands of some else. It is my humble
    request with all political leadership whether those are figure heads or leaders
    work for welfare of people and make GB a corruption free zone. Do not compel and
    force Govt. professionals to do un due favour for personal interests. All we
    need to reflect on our own actions to make a well balance and stable society in
    country as well as in GB.

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