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Meet Sayeed Tajik, the young man who has donated his Eyes


Sayeed Tajik, the young man on the left in this photograph standing with his father, is a medical student based in Lahore. He hails from the Ghulkin village of Gojal Valley, upper Hunza. We are sharing here an inspiring personal account that he has posted on his Facebook profile, with his permission.

Sayeed writes, “With the grace of Allah and consent of my family [I] donated my Eyes. Do u know that we can light the life of a blind by donating our eyes after death?  …

In Pakistan one in ten people are visually impaired, with more than 2 million people blind in both eyes. Corneal diseases account for almost 14 % of the blindness, visual impairment.

Due to non-availability of healthy cornea tissue many people continues to live in a world of darkness. Eye banking in a country like Pakistan is at its budding stage. Anyone can be a donor, irrespective of age, sex, blood group or religion and I would pledge all to donate your eyes as after death its of no use but can help other to restore his or her vision.”

Sayeed further writes, “People are not aware of eye bank in Pakistan. 14% of blindness is corneal in Pakistan which can only be restored by donating eye. In India there are more than 150 corneal banks from which more than 50 are functional but in Pakistan we are lacking it. Mayo hospital were we are under training is the biggest hospital in Pakistan where patients r treated in thousands everyday. But when i asked about how many people have donated eye. They replied that only two people had donated their eyes. It can only be increased by giving awareness to the public and i have started it by donating my own eyes. ”

Sayeed has donated his eyes to the Corneal bank of Ophthalmology Department Mayo Hospital. Anyone interested in donating his eyes can contact their nearest hospital, to inquire if they are accepting donations of eyes, or do they have the facility of eye-bank. “You just have to fill a consent form and send it for processing”, Sayeed said.

He said that eyes cannot be sold or purchased. They can only be donated.

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    1. You have bravely set a precident for others. Hats off Man. May Allah bless both of you with good health.

      1. nice and new philanthropic approach, we applaud and appreciate his ideas and thinking.

        Great initiatives and work.

        1. his father, uncle Haji hussain is also known for his hard work and community services

          We wish the whole family long life and prosperity

  1. Appreciated and well done! It is a matter of motivation, rest every one would be willing to do so. Awareness needs to be created among mass!

  2. This is practical example of sacrifice in Islam. Sayeed ! those people are always become a part of history and recalled who alive for other’s well being. Thanks for your sensitization and awareness through social media.

  3. hats off buddy… the step u took will encourage people and create awareness … well done…

  4. You have a big heart buddy and an inspiring passion for the walfare of humanity. You donate it or not but you took the step. It is as worthy as the sacrifice of Ismail A.S by his Father Abraham A.S. God give you a big reward and overlasting success. Amen

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