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15 terrorists, incluing 10 from Diamer, attacked tourist base camp near Nanga Parbat, says police chief

Gilgit Press ConferenceL-R: IGP, Chief Secretary and Home Secretary during the press conference

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Gilgit, June 27: Regional Police Chief, IGP Usman Zakariya, told the media that the tourists near Nanga Parbat base camp were attacked 15 people. Ten of the terrorists hail from Diamer District, 3 from Kohistan District of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and two from Mansehra, he said. He made the revelations at a press conference in Gilgit, in the presence of Gilgit-Baltistan’s Chief Secretary, Munir Ahmed Badini, and Home Secretary Attaur Rehman.

He also praised the Diamer Qaumi Jirga for helping the government in identification of the alleged terrorists. The IGP and Chief Secretary identified the alleged terrorists hailing from Diamer as Shafi Ullah, Khasta Khan, Azizullah, Mehsudul Haq, Hazrat Umar, Majeed, Qari Rafaqat, Sanaullah, Malik Najat and Hidayat Shah.

It was revealed during the press conference that the master mind of the attack was a man named Majeed, resident of Gitidaas, Chilas.

He also said that detailed lists of the alleged culprits, including names, names of fathers and addresses, have been provided to the representatives of the Diamer Qaumi Jirga.

The IGP said that the terrorists are hiding in the district in small groups of three to four people. He said that efforts are underway to arrest the culprits. “The next two days will be important”, the IGP said.

It was also revealed that some of the alleged terrorists may have been involved in the sectarian massacre near Babusar, last year.

5 thoughts on “15 terrorists, incluing 10 from Diamer, attacked tourist base camp near Nanga Parbat, says police chief

  1. کیا گلگیت بلتیستان کے پو لیس فورس ان دھشت گردون کو پکڑ کر کفر کردار تک پِہنچا کر پورا ملک کے پولیس
    فورس کے لے مثال بن سکتے ھیں-کیوں نہی اگر ھے جزبہ تعمیر زندہ-

  2. Great job done by GB Police, I appreciate the IGP GB who worked with honesty and identified the criminals and brought them in the media, this is a brave man’s job; and it is role model for other paramilitary forces in other provinces of Pakistan, and I’m very disappointed to hear that most of culprits are belong to GB, It’s a shameful for us when we are being praised for our hospitality and sincerity throughout the world, Now how the world perceived us? It is pathetic. We need to take care of our town and city, if there is a something wrong happening in the area, we should inform the police and other security agency before any tragedy, it is our responsibility to save our loving and beautiful homeland form terrorist. Long Live GB Police Long live Pakistan. Thanks

  3. This reflcet very poor inteligentce work. The concerned department should have been vigilant enough to enquire about the strangers who were roaming aroung in such a remote area for a number of days. In British regime very police station had 2-3 official of CID branch and had always been watching the strangers and getting thier bio-data secretly that always helped nabed the crimanals, some time even before the occurance of incidnts.

  4. I wonder why the gang was not catched yet. The head of Buner Nala attaches to Indian Kashmir by smuggler pathes or to Gitidas leading to Kaghan valley, where the leader of the murders apparently hails from. It is not to expect they would flee towards KKH.
    Disturbed and sad


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