Where hopes submerge


by Imran Shams (IIS – UK)

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  1. Meray yaar, meray dost
    Meree kainaat mudhosh
    Sab kho gayay hain kahaan?
    Meray loag!!

  2. Bekar LeaderS Select Karo To Esa Hi HOta Hai… Puri Govt Soyi Hui Hai.. Hamein Insaan HI NaHi samJHa Ja raHa..
    So WakeUp Gilgit Baltistan K log ….
    AB B waqt hai….
    Kal Ko Esa Na hO…………………………

  3. meray yaar meray dost
    we are here,
    we are the symbol of success, we are the symbol of hard work, lets join together in this hard time where our beautiful area is in danger, come cross our hands and move forward to show the world we can never be diappointed.
    praying for the good

  4. It is right that hope have submerged or are submerging, but don’t forget that opportunities will emerge….

  5. Awesome, Out of the world!

    What a heart touching narration of the tragic events, and off course the HOPE that should be the spirit with the will to live more strongly.

    I would suggest that instead of blaming politicians lets glue up together, reassess our strengths, think of our weaknesses and be more realistic and positive.

    We are natives of a region which is volatile in terms of such geographical disasters. And this current one at Attabad is just a lesson for all of us to learn about what safety checklists should be prepared about our living and how we can reduce risk to lives.

    I would like to request our youth not to be part of demonstrations which are part of hidden political and commercial agendas of some special interest groups. I see this factor more in the rallies and protests. People will write off their loans in billions and you will lose your precious time.


    1. dear Sher, I cent percent agree to your suggestion. Ours is a literate society, having a strong belief in dialogue and decent ways to influnce. Not only political but leaders from other disciplines should also add to public voice, again in acceptable ways.

      National newspapers and other media mainly electronic wuld be the most effctive tools.

  6. I wonder why the government is so passive. I remember when government deducted our one-day salary to facilitate and rehabilitate the IDPs of various regions of Pakistan. But, this time nothing has been done for our people. Even now we have so called elected government officials. I think before this so call Gilgit –Bultistan story, we had say in the decision made for the area. But it seems that now we are more helpless and hopeless than before. Now we are compelled to say, we don’t need this so called democracy.

    1. government has always been passive….there is no wonder and I guess there should not be. They will cut your salary but would never give you special grants and infrastructure. They will give you hope to live but not food to sustain that living.

      We should realize that WE are the ones who elected these people and so now we are facing the punishment for electing so called ‘representatives’. Democracy would seem bad in that sense but also true is the fact that ONLY more democracy is the CURE of bad democracy. Democracy in essence is not bad. we never reached its true nature, let alone accusing it for all our problems.

      So dont vote for the same representatives next time if they are bad today…..but again the problem with us is that we FORGET our losses after 2 or 3 years and again vote for the same person again n again.

      I do not have any idea about the capability of Gilgit-baltistan government to help us but I think they have never been tested or challenged historically and now when they are tested, we realize that we have been electing incapable representatives for past so many years.

    2. just to make it clear that our government (gilgit/baltistan) has not been tested historically because we always had such a strong community and voluntary organizations that government was never needed that much.

      In addition, Government never had any power that it would exercize but now when it has some power, they are not able to face the challenge since this is not a sort of problem that would be solved ONLY by the community.

  7. Government is waiting for a massive disaster to be happened, when this lake is gona flow, this will vanish so many areas ,,one can only imagine the gravity……..then GOVT will propagade and polish her politcs ,,,,,,,,,,,

  8. Excellent video. I wish to repost on facebook with a call to action for donations, but to whom can my friends donate? Which NGOs can we trust?

    1. Actually there are two organizations which you can trust. Infact pamir times posted there account numbers so that people who want to donate can do it. These are Ismaili Council and FOCUS humanitarian assistance.
      But I am not sure whether money is the real issue although it is definitely one of the biggest need. There is just not enough machinery and technical expertise to break the artifical lake which is much more threatening.
      What NGOs like FOCUS and Ismaili council can do is to provide help to the people in terms of food and shelter but i guess for the long term benefit, the lake needs to be broken which needs modern machinery and private investment (since gov will never do anything). I do not know how we are going to get it….probably if we have enough money we can ask one of private companies to help with it…probably someone from China and thats why donation and funds focused towards bulding up infra structure for handling any kind of disaster is the need of the time. Our area has gone highly sensitive to natural disasters and its highly likely that we may see more calamities in the longterm. In that sense, disaster management is vital for us.
      In this sense it will be great if people can help us in these aspects.

  9. my dear friends you should know better that Pakistani media works for only money not for the poor people. so kindly do not expect any help from media.
    i never saw any news regarding this disaster on news channels or even in printed media.

  10. Its very sad and frustrating that people and consumer junkies pollute and exploit their environment in most part of the world and WE, the poeple of hunza, who have nothing to do with environmental pollution face all negative after effects in terms of melting glaciers, land slidings, avalanches etc etc….
    🙁 ….I had never experienced (and thought about) such a hot climate in gilgit /Hunza which i experienced last summer.

    Sooner of later, due to global warming and environmental exploitation will totally melt down our glaciers, severely affecting our agricultural sector (specially our food products) and overall economy.

    We need to fight for environment since we seem to be the ones who are getting severely affected by it.

    What you think guys???

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