Pictory IV – Globalizaton: who benefits, what is lost?

by Noor

Ever since the World War II terms like ‘globalization’, ‘free market’, ‘ global integration’ and the need for accepting ‘pluralism’, in the wake of rising international confrontations, have become common. What these terms imply, essentailly, is construction of a ‘global society’ and, a global government. Global government, or single government that rules the planet earth, is not a new concept. Adventurists like Alexandar the Great, Napolean, Hitler and many Muslim rulers have pursued establishment of such a government through coercive methods. But now a days certain corporate leaders, politicians and religious figures are propagating this ideal and pursuing its materialization through construction of a global economic system, controlled by a few firms or a few business houses.

 There are very few people who actually think about these ideological frameworks, the inharent philosophies and their impact on our individual and social lives. Today most of us readily want to be part of the ‘globalization’ bandwagon’, compromising on various values that are unique to our way of living and adopting many that are alien to our value paradigms. There are multiple reasons triggering this tendency, at the top being our ability to move towards new societies, in search of material happiness, personal achievements and the some-what Laissez-faire life style.

People like us, the students and modern ‘professionals’ are at the forefront of this ‘globalization’. Are we sure what we are up? What woud be the fate of human dignity? Liberty? Freedom?

Let’s discuss. 

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