Central Asian Institute to award scholarships in disaster hit parts of Hunza

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HUNZA, February 19: The Central Asia Institute (CAI) has announced to award 40 scholarships to female students from the landslide affected villages of Hunza-Gojal. The operation director of CAI, Sarfraz Khan, announced the decision regarding scholarships on behalf of Greg Mortenson, executive director of the organization, at Karimabad Rest House.

He said 30 scholarships will be awarded to the students of Attabad whereas 10 to Ayeenabad and Shishkat. “The organization will bear all related expenditures of the deserving and meritorious students up to post graduate and even PhD level in Islamabad or any other cities”, he added.

He said the organisation will further provide 40 tents for the tent schools to be established for the students of Attabad and Sarat villages. He said the organisation has also provided relief items to the affected people.

CAI is an international organisation established in 1997 and presently working on education and skill development projects in remote areas of Gilgit-Baltistan and Afghanistan.

The organisation is already providing education to 25 female students from Kashmir besides establishing 25 schools and one college in Nehlum valley.

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  1. Highly appreciable and welcoming Grant for the affected students of the area. its better to bring it into notice of those affected mentioned areas by circulating the announcement into local Jamat khanas and its good opportunity for them to get these scholarships up to phd level.

    thanks CAI for its contribution to make their future bright.and PT for providing the information, is there any link or more info on that.

  2. The initiative taken by CAI is a welcome step, which will benefit some of the young minds in pursuit of their education. However, this should not come as a surprise because it is a step mutually beneficial for affected people and CAI. It is the works of similar nature which Mr. Mortenson is doing, has given him such a giant reputation that he charges US$ 25,000 for one presentation at different forums. Other than that of course, exposure of his work has lined up many donors and funders and each times he starts a new work, it gives him even more exposure than before. I have clarified this because most of the time our people feel much obliged to such steps and in process they don’t look into the benefit taken by the other party.

    1. Yes, of course, Greg Mortenson and Central Asia Institute charge for talks so they can put money into Central Asia Institute. If you would look at his house, you will see he lives in very small house, drives an old Toyota Corolla and lives a very simple life. You say that Greg Mortenson is doing this so he can be rich and I disagree as he is a very simple man and all his work is for Central Asia Institute side, and these are rumors that spread that affect many of the good NGO who try to help people in our countries.

  3. Good efforts to provide relief to the affected areas specially Attabad and Ayenabad. Highly appreciated Mamu

  4. I think the whole population of Gojal is also affected by this natural disaster, why people think only these few villages are effected, isn’t the stranded population of over 30,000 people suffering.

    Why are you guys so biased and what is the reason behind ignoring the sufferings of the population of Gojal above any ethnic biases.

    Can you imagine the effects of this long blockage of the KKH and the Xunjhrav River on the livelihood of the Gojali people when they will not be able to grow crops which they used to sell to meet their year round expenditure for living, their children’s’ education and other social costs.

    They are going to see very tough times ahead if the authorities do not realize this problem with justice and reality

    For God’s sake, come out or this narrow-mindedness and wake up, this could happen to anybody as we all are living in a very dangerous areas which are most prone to such disasters according to the geographical facts of this area.

    May Allah give us positive minds with clear thoughts.

  5. hey any one have any complete information regarding the same institute …………………………………………………………? plz plz plz plz tell me.

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