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[Analysis] State, Religion and Culture in Gilgit-Baltistan

“Exclusion of the people from power sharing has led regional politics towardsidentity/cultural-based mobilization with a fierce opposition of the state. It is thisdisjuncture between culture and power that has prompted the masses to assert their distinctiveness demanding the distribution of power over culture. With a purpose of suppressing their assertion the state projects Islam as the base of state ideology and perfect yardstick to gauge the loyalty of any cultural group to the state. In order to avoid the dire consequences of any possible revolt of the masses of Gigit-Baltistan, the state props up certain sectarian groups as an antidote to nationalist movements or foment sectarian violence through sectarian parties whenever the people unite for a real issue. By doing so, the state in collusion with religion parties and the bureaucratic apparatus has succeeded in dividing the people of the region on sectarian lines and rule over them. The emphasis on sectarian interests destabilizes nationalist sentiments in such a way as to create diversion from the real issues, and create sectarian splits to undermine nationalist alliances.

Aziz Ali Dad had analyzed the situation of Gilgit – Baltistan in a paper written a few years ago. Parts of this paper have been published by DAWN. The entire paper can be read by cliking on the link below

State, Religion and Culture in Gilgit-Baltistan

The writer holds MSc in Philosophy of Social Science from London School of Economics and PoliticalScience.

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  1. God effort ,citations needed in this article.

    Actually,Gilgit and Baltistans problem is not a political problem but a capability and capacity problem.The native citizens of this region need much education and awareness on general level to own any desicion making position,thatswhy the region goes into conflict on petty issues or everytime needs some intervensions from the forces in managing themselves.So people need education,awareness and capacity to participate and give meaningful input in the inclusive process of the State.And

  2. Dear Ali Dad!
    You tuched the nerve of the prob. that we local people are facing in Gilgit-Baltistan. I personally salute u & agree what u identify the main cause of disturbance in G & B.
    With the same the other main issue arising are the ethenic issues that few individuals are using to divide the people and gain their benifits. few of the local people are realising it and showing the indications in one or the other form, but the humanbeing is naturally greedy so, every one is watching his own gains and loss. i didn’t read the complete article but the crux yap give a very factual and a very close reality of the situations.
    What will be the solution or way forward????????
    This is the question mark for all the youth and people of Gilgit-Baltistan.

  3. Dear Aziz
    Thought provoking, mind blowing, food for thought nice word that are expression, good to self satisfaction and fulfill futile catharsis, Aziz it is a good try but a little wag mistake it about a wrong area the super North.
    North, the land of thousand degree holders but with few educated and non practical people. People busy with other issue then their own lives. The land of supreme cultural, but dealing with identity crises.
    Land of diversity of land and people with minus tolerance for other which is never been part of their actions about twenty years ago.
    Land of different sect or religious groups like other part of the world, but with special feature and responsibilities. An Isimilia is more responsive to another Ismailia form other culture and civilization then to his neighbor form another sect, with whom he has spent more then hundred of years. Sme goes with both Al-Sunath and Al Thashi more near to thousand mile, far form his neighbor on different issue. Each sect group of North is ready to give away everything on the call of foreigners and alien but is careless to his own benefit and rights snatched form them by the same people who they are ready to give away their lives.
    The situation of North was not the same some twenty years ago, b what happened. Divide and rule.
    Political right at large just forget it first we need the people of the country, that we have been protecting for almost 6o years, to recognize us as HUMANS. We can never get that right in or thought peaceful means.
    But first we have to realize that its time for to be one as we were some twenty years. And no one is our friend, in the south , What ever sect he many represent. If yes any example ,,,,,,,, non,,,non
    So if not …………………….Then It good writing, well done stupendous, fantastic, huge

  4. Aziz
    I have to say that your man of words and action. But you need to be more into the act of stage set in North by the game players. Because North (sorry don’t have proper name to call it ) is a set buffer-game zone of the politicians and higher officials. It needs not to be touched or solved. It was the manner we were born. May be end .

    To be or not to be, to survive or not
    To blame or not to, to self or to them all
    That the force or plea, to recognize or flee
    The end or beginning, to us or to thee

  5. Mr. Aziz has rightly unveiled conspiracies being hatched by the establishment of State of Pakistan against the people of Northern Areas.

    Northern Areas being not part of Pakistan constitutionally are matter of life and death for the state of Pakistan. As the time passes on, the inehernt weaknesses of the state of Pakistan are getting exposed and according to famous futurist Alvin Toffler, Pakistan is increasingly depending on its Geo-Strategic location which she owes to NA’s by virtue of their vicinity to CA States, China, India and Afghanistan. In addition to the strategic importance, NA’s hosts the biggest glaciers outside of North and South Poles, that provide for the water in River Indus which is main source of water for irrigating fertile lands of Punjab and Sindh, in addition to generating thousands of MWatts of electricity from tarbela and has potential to generate scores of thousands of MWatts from different sites along River Indus.

    Instead of assimilating NA’s and its people with the rest of country and governing the areas towards peace and progress, the Pakistani establishment has adopted an un-sustainable approach dealing with NA’s.
    1. Foment Corruption. Promotion and elevation of corruption in the soceity so that intrinsic moral strength of the people is diluted.
    2. As Mr. Aziz has enumerated, divide the people along sectarian and ethnic lines so that the collective strength of the people is shattered.

    My dear friends, we should not have anything against Pakistan but only exercise the divergent veiws to force the KANA officials and FCNA to mend their ways and cease to ravish our soceity.Civil & Military bureaucratic apparatus has downgraded our country from a second class country viz-a-viz India to a third rated country bracketed with Afghanistan.
    We the people of NA’s are not ready to be masses of third class country where there will be no future for our future generations.

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