Speakers at seminar highlight illegal appointments in government and NGO sector, demand remedial actions

Gilgit, June 11: GB Graduates Association organized a seminar on “Causes and effects of Unemployment and illegal recruitment in Gilgit – Baltistan”, here at a local hotel. Representatives of political parties, civil society organizations and bureaucracy attended the seminar, along with a large number of graduates.

Speakers criticized the Government for its failure in creating employment opportunities. It was said that corruption and violation of merit in both Public and NGO sector has become order of the day. All institutions including courts have become hub of corruption. People are recruited in courts, NGOs and govt institution on basis of nepotism, favoritism and sectarian lines.

Those addressing the seminar included Provincial Law minister Wazir Shakeel, BNF Leader MLA Nawaz Khan Naji, President GB Bar Association Ahsan Ali Advocate, PML (N) leader Captain Shafi, BNF (H) GB President Safdar Ali, Karim Khan of APML, Dr.Fouzia Wali Khan (Gilgit – Baltistan Volunteers Movement), Ghulam Amin Baig from AKRSP, Israr ud Din of HRCP, Gilgit Union of journalist Imtiaz Ali Taj, President GB Graduates Association (Baltistan) Shahid Ali, GS Peoples Graduate Forum Wajahat Ali, Shakeel Ahmad of Shina Language and Culture Promotion Society ,Resident Editor Daily Aosaf Eman Shah and others.

Gilgit – Baltistan Graduates Association made a detailed multi-media presentation on the current situation of unemployment and job related discrimination in the entire region.

A resolution was passed at the end of the seminar which demanded immediate advertisement of cabinet approved vacancies and recruitment on the basis of academic merit. The seminar also demanded re-advertisement and reappointment of deserving candidates on posts which have been illegally filled. Other demands included following of due processes, proper channels, end to contract system, preference to candidate with  relevant degree for, end to deputation system, decrease in non local quota in Govt. and NGO sector in GB, unemployment allowance and interest free loans for jobless graduates, as well as materialization of appointments on GB quota in national and overseas jobs .

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