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Gilgit – Baltistan is not part of Kashmir, students protest PM’s statement

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Islamabad, November 22: Reacting very strongly to the statement of Pakistani prime minister, Yousuf Raza Gilani, in which he had said that Gilgit – Baltistan is part of Kashmir, the students of Gilgit – Baltistan staged a demonstration in front of National Press Club, Islamabad.

They demanded apology from the prime minister for making ‘such baseless statements, contradicting his own past speeches and statements’. They also chanted slogans agains the government for “playing with emotions of the people of Gilgit – Baltistan”.

“This statement from Gilani right after the GBLA elections proves hollowness of the promises of the Pakistani ruling elite”, a demonstrator told Pamir Times. “They are just playing double games with us”, remarked another.

 The students said that people of Gilgit – Baltistan had fought a war of liberation and won it against a superior force of the Maharaja of Kashmir, also supported by Indian government. “The Kashmiris were invaders in our lands”, said a demonstrator. He further said, “we fought with them and made them flee the region but now the Pakistani political, civilian and military establishment is trying to murder our history of liberation”.

Participants of the agitation were carrying placards and raising slogans against PPP and the prime minister.

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  1. Well said. When people og G-B say we’re not da part of pakistan, thy’re termed as traitors n agents of raw n mousad, but pakis they thmselves had been repeatng these kind of statments.I dnt think any of da outsider agency needs to operate in such an illusive n deceptive behaviourof our self made masters..!!! Since da G-B’s matter is internationalized, pakis r restless n making fake statments to abstray da well-awared youth og G-B, but its all in vein, we have cum to know abt their games. No more, we’re going to bear..!!

  2. Huh! Bel;ieve it or not…but it is game of Pakistan to seperate GB from Kashmir Issue and exploit its resources and make a it a provine including Kohistan and Hazara.

  3. What should we expect from a PM like Gilani?? His intellectual caliber is below par to give statements on sensitive issues like ours. He does not know anything about the historical background of the issue.

  4. The prime minister Statement regard the Gilgit_Baltistan will be well come by the Kashmires because without any effort they became a part of Gilgit_Baltistan. It is condemnable for the people of Gigit_Baltistan if federal government has any history that Kashmir is the part of Gilgit_ Baltistan than he should publish those documents and evidence to the Gilgit_Baltistan assembly within couple of months. We have our own identity as a Gilgit_Baltistan because we have:
    1. Ours ancestor have fought with Maharaj and got independence
    2. Our ancestor affiliated Gigit_Baltistan with Pakistan their own desir.
    3. As Pakistan state Gilgit_Baltistan political rights have been abolished.
    4. We have freedom fighters (Shaheeds) graveyard as evidence for the identity of Gilgit_Baltistan.
    5. Hundred of freedom fighters are alive to ask the pre and post history of the Gilgit_ Baltistan.
    So we expect from prime minister of Pakistan will publish the history of Gilgit_Baltistan that Kashmir is Part of Gilgit_Baltistan.

  5. Now the jialy of ppp in GBL election should relise the double standards of ppp and the statement of Prime Minister is a slap on the faces of the people of Gilgit Baltistan who voted for ppp in GBL election. you have still time to think about your decission and you can learn a lesson from these statements.
    We strongly condenm the statement of Gilani,,,,we are not a part of disputed kashmir…it is not the ppp government who can decide about the future of Gilgit Baltsitan,,,it is the people of Gilgit Baltistan who can decide about their future,

    workers of ppp…please learn a lesson from your ppp prime minister…

  6. Thats the first accomplishment from PPP election manifesto:

    First gift to the people of G-B, Bravo PPP

  7. mr gilani is a mid carrier of all politicians …….he donont know what country actually stands forrrrrrrrrrrr…so who can expect better remarks from him so dont minddddddddddddd

  8. these stupid ledar,don’t know that the cannot make fool,the people of GLT .by there dual statment’s loud and clear,every ones voice thatWE ARE NOT A PART OF KASHMIR and not even want to be a part of that ..
    we have a separate identity and we r proud of that,

  9. Congrats to the so called jialas of GB

    This is the first gift from PPP to the people of GB in reward of the clean sweep in current elections. they instead of giving the status of Province to GB are trying to snatch the rights which they had given us mistakenly.
    Anyways the people of GB love PPP so much that they can go to the extreme extent of rigging in order to win the candidates of PPP. it means the people even don’t mind if PM says that GB is a part of India. Because KAL B BHUTTO ZINDA THA AAJ BHI BHUTTO ZINDA HAI.

    Amjad Ali

  10. We strongly disagree with the statement of Prim minister of Pakistan in regarding the Gilgit Baltistan is a part of Kashmir, We all says this was not and is not a part of Kashmir, If this statement become before election then the PPP was lose the all seats in the recent GB election, So we all demand from Prim minister of Pakistan that he should took back his statement regarding GB.

    Ali Aman Gojali

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