A boy and girl rescued alive from debris of Atabad

PT Report

Hunza, January 4: A glimmer of hope, amid the chaos and destruction at Attabad that has plunged Hunza into mourning, might be the  rescue of a boy and a girl. This information was shared with Pamir Times by GBLA member, Mutabiat Shah, after meeting the children at a hospital in Aliabad.

He expressed deep sorrow over the loss and said that it is a horrible tragedy for the entire region. He also said that there is resentment and anger among the local people.

He said that the first priority is to search and rescue people trapped beneath the debris.

He also said the NHA has been asked to start work on releasing water from the dam, on emergency basis. He said that if the water is not released quickly and allowed to store for long the aftermath would be disastrous for the entire region.

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