China stands by Pakistan doing disaster relief work in Hunza: Spokesman

ISLAMABAD, May 14 (APP): China will extend all possible assistance to Pakistan in doing disaster relief work in Hunza valley, a spokesman of the Chinese Embassy said here Friday. In a statement, he said China and Pakistan are time-tested all-weather friends and both have been supporting and assisting each other all the time. Since the occurrence of the “1.4” massive landslide, the government and people of China have been making every effort to assist the Pakistani side in the disaster relief work.

On January 19, at the request of the Pakistani government, the Chinese side made special arrangements to open the Kunjrab Border Pass in order to facilitate the purchase and customs clearance of relief goods from China.

On March 30, the Chinese Embassy, on behalf of the China Red Cross Society, donated US $30,000 to the Pakistan Red Crescent Society to assist the residents blocked in Hunza.

The China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), which is conducting the project of upgradation of the Karakoram Highway, has been providing assistance to the Pakistani side to deal with the problem in following ways:

1) A two-kilometer access was constructed by the company to initiate the disaster relief work. Precise survey was conducted of the layout of the land, scale and elevation of deposit and the scale and scope of lake was confirmed. The related information and data has been quickly notified to the Pakistani government.

2) The company has been dredging the deposit for decreasing the risk of disaster. The company has sent 1,577 Chinese personnel, 1257 Pakistani personnel, 767 machines from January 27 to April 6 to assist the Pakistani government in clearing the earth deposit. So far, a spillway with the length of 500m, top width of 30m and bottom width of 5m has been dug.

Meanwhile, the company along with local experts and government officers inspected the situation on site frequently and provided them relevant data when required.

3) First Highway Survey & Design Institute Limited dispatched specialists to analyze the causes of disaster, assess its possible development and guide the rescue work on site.

Meanwhile, the CRBC worked jointly with a team of specialists from Ministry of Water Resources of China, Chinese Academy of Chengdu Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment. They visited the site on March 28-April 3 to investigate in detail the causes of the disaster and provide help and guidance for the evacuation of the displaced people affected by this disaster. Now the CRBC is working hard in preparing for the evacuation and settlement of personnel and properties downstream in case of the dam bursts.

The Chinese side firmly believes that under the leadership of Pakistani government the landslide affectees will effectively overcome the difficulty. It will continue to stand together with the Pakistani Government and people in tackling this natural disaster. “We will work closely with the Pakistani side and provide all possible support in this regard” the statement added.

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  1. a wonderfull job done by your team each of you guys and girls are recommend for an e award from my side keep it up you are doing a great job,

  2. In my view it will be quite ironical to say that Pakistan is standing China like China is, now a days. After China entry in SEATO and CENTO, And the formation of bilateral relationship with America. What Pakistan has did for China. Nothing….despite China smell some agency and terrorist threat from his boarder with Pakistan and Wakhan. China is still supporting Pakistion in every means of life.
    Every one knows that how disappointed was CRBC when after there invitation and survey in Attabad land Slide. The contruct was given to FWO. Still man Still they are joining hand with Pakistan in their difficult time. Good luck Pakistan…Pakistan ka tho Khuda Hafiz hai.
    Thanks China for your Corporation……

    1. In my view it will be quite ironical to say that Pakistan is standing WITH China like China is, now a days.

  3. we must appreciate the unconditional services rendered by chines . while Pakistani ppl play infelicitous role , their may several reasons for this cz still our leaders are silent, i don’t know why the ppl didn’t show any reaction to gov’t … why we are deprive from our rights , why we make corner meeting instead to come on single platform , why we are still not united …
    one thing more is to be noted that PT play a significant role in this crucial time but after 4 jan the people of attabad are in what condition , what gov’t do for them , what about their losses … updates , no any one come to ask ,
    due to faraway from KKH and not concentrated by institutions their is not satisfactory literate ratio in attabad thats why in this hard time it is difficult for us to express our problems to government and media,
    i hope our leader guide us and give their assistance to overcome this hard time , and help us to accomplish our rights from govt. and hope PT concentrate on this side as well ….


  4. It’s Pakistan and its double standard establishment, who has always betrayed China at all times, while China has stood firm along with Pakistan at all times. Indeed, Pakistan is the untrustworthy partner for any country and even for its people due to the hold of certain nationals over the bureaucracy and establishment. It was Pak Govt.,s biased attitude who sub-let the contract to the corrupt FWO instead of Chinese firm.

  5. “Awise enemey is better than a foolish friend”. This is true for the selfish friends on both side of the divide. All they do is for money and not for human grace and dignity; they are the real selfish of this century. Every effort our ancestors made is submerged in water. This is the reason of depending on unreliable Governments on both sides; otherwise we had made any man made possible effort to remove the debris from the river bad now it is time to rethink about such selfish persons who claim to be the leader of the people. It is not useful study the reasons of disastor and its impact unless you do some action to mitigate and respond to such clamity.The Chinese Govt.Response in this regard is much below than expectations where we claim that our relations height are above mountains?????????????????

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