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Syed Mehdi Shah, Wazir Baig and Jameel Ahmed get top slots

Syed Medhi Shah – Chief Minister, Gilgit – Baltistan

Wazir Baig – Speaker, GBLA

Jameel Ahmed – Deputy Speaker, GBLA

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  1. This is a great news. Many congratulations to all the three leaders for getting this honor, so it is both an opportunity and challenge for them. I hope they will come up to the expectations of the people of GB. My special congratulations to Mr. Wazir Baig for this great achievement. We have lots of expectations from him and do hope that he will do something extraordinary for the people of Hunza.


    Sultan Ahmed

  2. Contrary to the traditions of Parliamentary System of Government, the first CM,Speaker and Deputy Speaker have been appointed by the Co-Chairman of the People Party instead of being elected by the House. ( See K2 ,Friday 14th December,2009). In other words, the foundation of the edifice has ben laid wrong. The party no doubt has a majority and the same result could have been achieved through election in the House.
    This should open the eyes of those who plead vehemently the case of Governorship for this or that personality. We can only give suggestions. But the final outcome lies with the Co-Chairman of the Party. Allama Iqbal has described the following characteristics for an ideal leader:
    He should have high vision (Nigah Buland), soft and sweet spoken( Sukhan Shireen), and sympathetic( Jan Pur Soz). So, ideally the Governor should have these characteristics plus honesty and transparency.

  3. My Heatiest congratulations to CM Mehdi, Speaker Wazir Beg and Jamil as Deputy Speaker…. We have alots of expectations now


  4. @Dr Sabit Rahim

    This Ideal person having Nigah Buland, Sukhan Shireen and Jan Pur Soz like characteristics = Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan

  5. Congratulations to all three sons of Gilgit -Baltistant for the being first CM, Speaker and Deputy Speaker. Good luck and we hope that you will deliver for people of GB as expected.

  6. Congratualtion to all memers of GB assembly specially to CM, Speaker, and deputy speaker. we have alot of expectations from you to develop harmoney among the people of GB.

  7. these peple doesnt have any good professional skills along with them let see wat they will do spp mr wazir baig

  8. A great beginning for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan. Congratulations!!
    Wazir Baig deserves what is got. He has rich experience working in different institutions and long history of struggle for the rights of people of Hunza. The election of deputy speaker is also a wise decision. Mehdi Shah who has no doubt tremendous experience in the politics. However, one important thing is missing in his personality is narrowness of vision. Those who know him are aware that he starts from Baltistan and ends in Baltistan. As chief minister he will have to broaden his vision and think about of all seven districts of Gilgit-Baltistan. Our prayers are with them indeed.

  9. Congratulation to CM GB Mehdi, Speaker Wazir Beg, Deputy Speaker Jamil Ahmad & the people of Gilgit-Baldistan

    Rahmat Karim.

  10. Though it is a good decision, but still i would say an undemocratic step of a democratic government. It seems naturally balanced because this composition is based on regional or sectarian lines… It would have been a democratic when these slots were filled up by the members of the GB assembly themselves… It is also noteworthy that the GB assembly is not complete yet..

  11. Congratulation to CM,Speaker and Dupty Speaker appointed today.Governor shoud be also from Gilgit-Baltistan like other provinces, I hope that you apponited people do your best for the peace & development for this future.

  12. —Congrats to the CM, SK and DSK, I do agree with the Dr, SOOHEB, up to some extant. It is a bed of roses but at the same time test for the individual of his leadership qualities. In my openion all of three are not leader of time-as per time requirement——————My suggestion for the leadership age bar should below 50 years-whom have a goodunderstanding of the society values.

    However, what we get from the last election we have to attend the pried with them.

  13. Many Many Congratulation to the TOP Three persons on their achivments. I hope they will do better for the future of GB. Do the Best for the circomstances and expectations of the people in the region..


    Sher Karim Kawish
    ENI Pakistan

  14. You should change the name of this blog to the “peoples times” and post a link of it on the official ppp website.

  15. Congratulations to all the three guys for sitting in the top three seats of GBLA. Lets hope from them and not discourage the people of Gilgit Baltistan.

  16. Dear Noor
    It seems that people don’t write their names and hide their identification behind abbreviation. For example,the person at comment No4 has used fake name of Hunzkbd on december 11,2009 and has equated my comments at 2 on the same date with Ghazanfar. I don’t care wih whom he equates unless he does not uses my name there. Please check these things .

  17. Congratulations to CM, speaker, deputy speaker and all the Assembly members of GB.
    Many many congratulations and best wishes to brother Wazir Baig sahib and his family, on behalf of me and my family.


  18. mubarak,mubarak aur mubarak. ALLAH aap sab ko kamiyabi aur kamrani aur asanian atta farmaian AMEEN.GB ka awam ka booht saray tawaquwatt hain yaqeen hai k omeedain puri hongay

  19. congratulations to our national leaders for this honour, particularly to Wazir Baig Sahib for his great achievement and the trust the People and GBLA has had on him. I hope he he will deliver to his best.

  20. Indeed it,s a great set up rather i would preferably use “a great adjustment based on secterian / regional factors”, Good luck to the team and we expect that GOP will appoint Nazir Sabir as the Governor of GB for a greatet consience and for the betterment of GB.

  21. Congratulations to the top three GB assembly representatives and I hop they will do hard work for GB people and they will prove a very active and positive assembly representatives from the past assemblies .

    Ali Aman Gojali

  22. Dear Noor
    We had initiated a debate on the election of Six Council members. The space alongwith the materials has disappeared. It looks that PT does not like serious discussions on burning issue. We are more into congratulation rather than finding solutions to our problems.

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