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First meeting of Sino Trans and Sost Port Trust, held in Kashgar, China

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The first meeting of the Sost Port Trust and Sino Trans company took place in Kashgar, China, yesterday. Yang Zimin, head of the Sino – Trans company has assured the new cabinet of his full suppot, according to sources. The two groups have resolved to enhance the fraternal ties between China and Pakistan by increasing trade. The Sost Port Trust delegation comprised of Chairman Ali Afsar, Vice chairman Hoor Shah, directors Sultan Karim, Jan Alam, among others.

Various issues, including the recent ownership disputes, were discussed between the two grous and it has been agreed that the two will work collectively to facilitate trade between Pakistan and China, it is learnt. Gifts were also exchanged during the meeting.

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  1. Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the new cabinet of the Sost Port Trust and Sino Trans companies members.Great Great job done by new cabinet. You have done proud of Gojal Hunza. My Prayers are always with you people. May ur achievements find no limits. Regards, shahbuddin

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