Jamat Dawa active in Hunza – Nagar despite of being a banned organization

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Gilgit, June 7: The banned religious organization, Jamat Dawa, is actively working in Hunza despite of being on the list of officially banned organizations.

Public circles have demanded action against the organization.

“Writ of the government is not visible anywhere”, said a social activist who did not want to be named. “Hunza has been flooded by religious and political organizations but the local administration is not taking any action against the banned organizations”, he said.

It is pertinent to note that UN Security Council had banned Jamat Dawa for his alleged connections with Al – Qaeeda and Taliban.

Jamat Dawa has transported dry food relief for 200 families of Hunza – Nagar recently.

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  1. This is indeed an alarming situation. Let this peaceful part of land be peaceful. The authorities should take notice of such hidden terrorist activities. One should take step before some thing gets established.

    1. It is healthy signed that jamat dawa is helping needy people of hunza nagar, so it is useless to say to stop them from serving human beings indeed.We r welcoming them, if people are not daring to visit us when we are in trouble,then let others to help us.

      1. Help in the disguise of poison is no help. Kindly read my detail post in which i have explained the strategy these militantly linked NGOs apply to achieve their objectives.

  2. is there anybody who checks the chemistry of food being supplied by various organisations?

  3. // Please remove previous same comment, as it was not checked for spellings. Approve this one and also remove this line //

    First of all very well done PT for highlighting this issue. Everyone should be aware of these Jihadi and Taliban oriented outfits who have in recent years, in order to hide their motives, changed their tactics by starting NGO type work to cover their original goals. Here is how they work :
    – They first start humanitarian assistance at place of disaster.
    – They open a small office and make local connections.
    – They try to connect to local mosque etc. for their RELIGIOUS legitimacy by involving local religious people.
    – If there is no mosque nearby ( i.e their own sect mosque like Deobandi/Wahabi etc.) they gather donations for it and try to built one.
    – They start tabligh (slow poison) and obviously no one can stop them from doing this because they get legitimacy from their own concocted logics of and self-suited interpretations of QURAN.
    – Once they have enough people to support their cause, they then ADD to the local JAMAT E ISLAMI or JUI chapter, thus making their political presence.
    – Now they start putting banners and flags on streets and when events like cartoon controversy etc. occur they do protests and rallies and this way they magnify their strength.
    – This is how they attempt to capture an area. If its possible they pave the way for first FRESH BATCH of talibanz into the local population. I hope you all remember Sawat ? and how they started at mosque level first (through Fazlullah’s FM radio for charity and collection for construction of a grand mosque) and people blindly gave them million of rupees as they were innocent and believed as if some real SHARIA is about to come. Watch DAWN NEWs documentary on Sawat to see how TALIBAN captured sawaat slowly one by one step. In it one woman gave them 2 kilo ( i hope i remember the amount correctly) gold thinking it will go to some good cause.
    -Org like JuD are a slow cancer wrapped in a beautiful package. Please be careful from them.
    – This is how they penetrated in AJK when earth quake came there. And this is how they hide themselves from International community when they face media criticism for their involvement in Indian attacks or other such terrorist activities. Because they say they have no link to terror org and they are just a NON PROFIT org for humanitarian assistance.
    I would also request to take this matter seriously with Wazir baig and other elders and would also like to request PT to bring more info on this.
    Thanks to AKDN hunza is one of the most literate of areas (even with poverty) and it should not fall into the hands of people whose mind set is of stone age.

    1. dear MB

      what ever you have said is right or wrong , that I cant say, we have already welcomed the biggest taliban Mian Nawaz Sharif , if hunza people dont fear him why they fear from them, and about the philosophy of religious dogma or propagation in this part of the country to me it seems little different.

      they have come to help let them and welcom them, that is all,

      dont fear the ememy, prepare if acts against you so , we should not worry about them but let worry about what we are,

      may be they will teach us how to work united , at the moment , we have many other issue, we have not come at one point even on the point of HUnza or Gojal.
      we are different people , have different mattetrs to deal

  4. huh!! Jamatud Dawa exist much before Taliban and Alqaeda.U have already mentioned that they r supplying relief to needy ppl than nobody should be allowed to make such statements as regarding law n order.Why not Security Council ban Black Water n other Terrorist Organizations?

    1. Because BLACK WATER is authorized by your/my/our gov to operate. And it is registered as private security company. While you can raise suspicion on how they operate, they are APPROVED by the gov.

      And just in case if BW is a terror org. (as per few ) how that justify allowing another terror org. (with an NGO disguise). Two wrongs doesnt make one right.

  5. I think the local administration can’t stop them because JD is more powerful than the central government, some say are backed by the power corridors in the capital. The only way to keep them away is to educate the local people, especially the IDP, keep distance from them and their workers. Not necessarily they are there for help the IDP they may have and surely will have other agenda. The best way to encounter them is to stay away or the local elders should meet them and tell them about the concerns of the local people. If they stay there for a longtime and established their office there certainly they are going to create problems for the local people.

  6. Hunza do,t need any help from any kind of extremists / terrorist group, it,s really an alarming situation. The political leadership as well as the local administration needs to take action and take them out of Hunza. Indeed, such extremist organizations works under certain hidden objectives.

  7. the disaster has provided an opportunity for the ill intentional elements to get an access to the region, we need to identify friends from enemies, JAMAAT DAWA is active not because of its Generocity…rather it is active due to some bad intentions, people of Hunza-Nagar need to be aware of such people and their intentions…Forget government…they are sleeping.

  8. I have differenr openion regarding Jamaat Dawa. since at the moment hunza Nager is in the situation of disaster. if this jamaat wants to support their muslim brothes then they should do it, but if they have any other objective behide the curtain then they shoul know that they will never succeed in their hidden agend. As for as alegience of Hunza Nager people with faith and country is concerned, that is stronger then great mountains of Karakuram and hindukush. No one can misguide peolpe of Hunza Nager. So it should not be taken so seriously. but YES we should be more careful. We should have the ability of diffrentiating friend and oponent. thanks

  9. dry food items are not banned so far. let them do their social work or ask security council to come here with relief goods.

  10. What is this going on?
    No doubt that Jammatud Dawa are seen very active in the time of disasters. Previously at the time of earth quake of November 2005 especially in evacuation of the victims across Nelum and Jhelum rivers in Muzaffarabad Kashmir and the setting up of rehabilitation camps their activities were noticeable.

    Jammat ud Dawa Kashmir connection and their help in the freedom struggle of Kashmir is worth commending.

    Hafiz Saeed of Jammatud dawa who was indicted in Mumbai attack is since set free by the Courts, of any charges levelled up against him for insufficient proof presented in the court against him to convict him.

    But officially this jammat status is of a banned organisation which is known to be declared by the Pak government as such on the instructions of UNO.

    In case this jammat is banned then their activities must also be banned. Administration has the duties to see that law ond orders are complied with.
    Why such cases are left hung in limbo?

    1. “insufficient proof ”
      this is a joke right?
      Everyone knows how well the police can provide the proof when they really want to and how well they can fool the courts by being lenient so the criminals are acquited. The court are helpless as they will decide on the material that is brought in front of them.

      When police is ordered to keep the proof WEAK, they will do the same and definitely the court will set them free. This drama is old one now. Everyone knows the involment of JD and its links with terror org around the world.

  11. They are just send aid. I think its not right to stop them from helping fellow muslims. Just keep an eye on them if they do any thing worng then some action should be taken. Mostly these organizations are banned by govt on pressure of US which gets the input from India. We should keep our mind and eyes open and see ourselves who is terrorist and who is not.

  12. Gilgit Baltistan Govt should open their eyes.Why the local administration is not taking any action against this organization??????

  13. None of you are at the right path.
    JD is banned (to show) by the US through UN but is supported by the US?? There is a double face of US in creating chaos in the country. The game is far beyond the understanding of ordinary people. Since our Govt and army has let the international bandits (Europe and US) to deteriorate the situation in the country from four sides, people have to suffer from one or the other (economy and security). We have compromised our sovereignity and there will be the likewise situations from every angle. We (Pakistani people and govts) ourselves are the “ghaddars” and we’ll have to reap our policie.

  14. Govt, Army and NGOs have their long term policies, just to keep us obedient and dependant. Only poverty and sufferings can fullfil their agenda and we are poor and needy??????and kept poor and needy by all powers?? We need to awake and determine our priorities as well as our future generations.

  15. Regarding the relief activities by some members of the Jamaa’at-ud-Dawa to the landslide affected people and areas is just natural as other CSOs are working there. One must not try to create a sectarian and otherwise hatred out of ignorance and emotionality.

  16. Yar Khan ,

    I agree with you! Yanks (USA) they use and support these groups to keep the war going against muslims.

  17. in view of the above suggestions, i would like to suggest to bring this issue on the main stream media so that it could get substantial attention by the authorities….
    confining it to ourselves would make the situation worse….thanks

  18. I think this is a move of Chess game towards check mate….but it is not so easy for Jamat-i- Dawa to get success…This is the responsibility of our elders and institutions to take notice of their activities and plan an alternate move to stop their motives…but this is true there is a big game behind their activities.

  19. I do agree with MB for the local tactics but the ‘END BOSS’ has his geo political agenda and supports these groups for his regional benefits of his own. The irony is that the local activists of JD don’t even know that they are being supported by the ‘Big Boss’ (US—through Pakistani military and Mullahs) but they have their own local agenda of converting people into their own ‘Idealogy’ because they want the whole GLT-HUNZA strip (KKH) to be of the same Ideology (They don’t know why) which can help US to penetrate into China or near China (To instrall a military base through the disguise of anti-militancy like in Afghanistan) which will serve to guard China. US and Europe has long been planning to establish bases around China like TAIWAN, WAKHAN, INDIA etc. Only Pakistan is missing which they are trying to fullfil through these tactics.

  20. What I can suggest to my country people is that please keep your all senses open and ‘take the kernels but throw away the shells’.

  21. If Zionist back NGO’s are allowed to work in the region then why not JAMAT DAWA? i think you guys are speaking the language of Jews and Christians. I have seen many Christians missionaries working in the region, but you people didn’t say a single word. So targeting Jammat Dawwa is beyond my Understanding……..

  22. Jamaat ud Dawa means Lashkar e Taiba. These people should be driven out of there at the first instance. We don’t need their help. We are better off without them.

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